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Tyrants Halo Modification v1 Levels Modded Blood Gulch Installation Place bloodgul...


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Tyrants Halo Modification v1 Levels Modded Blood Gulch Installation Place bloodgulch.map file in your halo map directory folder. this is the basic path for most computers C:program files/Microwsoft Games/Halo/Maps Blood Gulch I added a few objects like trees and few rocks and stuff nothin special just to make it look a little better on the looks.Now to the good part,the AR (assualt Rifle) has better accuracy at close range at further ranges it will get worse also you can focus/zoom with the AR its more of a focus then zoom the pistols accuracy is about the same as the AR.Rocket launcher now can shoot two rockets with an small arch and has been speeded up so i can take out warhogs better.Sniper now has a dealay for each shot instead of rapid fire.Gernades are more realistic now exsplode in the air if they stay up there too long.Shot guns can shoot more then 15 pellets about 20.All plazma cannons shoot two rockets/plazma bolts.speed on vehicals has been incressed a little and accuracy on weapons are incressed a little as well.The plazma sword was not made by me i do not know who made it cause i got it off some halo file site so who ever made it i give credit to them.Bases have alot more equipment in them like they should but limited to anti-Vehical support for the reason alot of people use it for the wrong target. Thats about it so have fun let me know if there are any issues bugs and other i all rdy know about the black flame thrower.My emial is tank093@yahoo.com Go a head and use this for any mods you want just give credit to who the credit belongs to.

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