uppercut.zip —


A large empty square canyon with a base in one corner.

It seems kinda like hotzone, so I think it may be promising.




Map By: Nukeist
Short description: A large map that has a UNSC freighter hovering over it.  

Notes:  This map took like 2 weeks to make.  I noticed none of my maps were on the featured list for a while(lol) so i decided to go all-out.

The vehicles are "borrowed".  Some of the weapons are made by me, including a better model for the turbine (you start with it).  I added a MP5 in there too, it's tagged by me but the model for it was "borrowed" off of turbosquid.  The hangars were made also by me.  Armories, and warthog bays were not.  

At first when this map was in it's earlier stages there was a Longsword in blue base- big mistake as anyone on blue team can easily just hover over the base and drop nukes every 5 seconds or so.  I still felt that blue team had an unfair advantage over red, so i gave the red team a sniper turret.

This gave an unfair advantage to the blues, as whoever got near the base was sniped.  Having a full auto sniper turret on your side was very powerful, so i decreased the accuracy a bit-

Now, i'm pretty sure that the teams are even-

	<<DG>> Naiyaz - Beta testing
	[SGF]Archer   - Beta testing
	=DG= Matsumari- Beta testing
	|_ ( 0 ) |_   - Beta testing
	Kakashi       - Beta testing
	{LD}Pheonix   - Beta testing (and some ideas)
	Hellsscope    - Constant criticism from this guy
	Tiamat        - Tags i borrowed from
	{DA} Ender    - Tags i borrowed from
	[UCH]Gato     - Keeping me awake at night by spamming
	that's about all i can remember- anyone i forgott please forgive me.

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