Set in a dark, snowy corner of Halo, Vestige is the 3rd of Arteen’s recently released CE maps as an updated version of [url="http://halo2.f...


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Set in a dark, snowy corner of Halo, Vestige is the 3rd of Arteen’s recently released CE maps as an updated version of Atephobia, one of his previous maps. With small stone buildings littering the snowy canyon as shelter from the cold, the canyon Vestige is set in has high walls and a convoluted path system between buildings. A frozen river lies in the base of the valley that that perches on the edge of a cliff. There are plenty of routes and ways around in this map, so routes can change easily. The style of the buildings is similar to that of those seen in another of Arteen’s maps; “Delta Halo”. The darkness of the map really adds to the feeling for me and the snow falling makes this map all the more interesting. There is also a new weapon in the map (well, variation on an old weapon) however the stock set still remains. Again, the biped has a new skin as well.

In terms of gameplay, quite a few people are needed to have a decent game in this map. The large aspect to the map mean that if you die, it may take a while to get back into the action. The weapons are placed such that ammo conservation may be something to think of if you have a favorite weapon. I think this map has real potential in terms of large games and I think it should be used to its full potential. It’s a great map for large games and consequently I think it may well get played. As I have said before, I like it that it uses the stock weapons and the feel of the map makes it great fun to play. A really good map here from Arteen. Now available from a halofiles mirror near you.


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Download 'vestige.rar' (13.58MB)

Name: Vestige
Author: Arteen

This map is a major update to one of my first maps, Atephobia. The layout has gotten a major overhaul, and all the structures are rebuilt and redesigned. It is a large, asymmetric outdoor map designed for vehicle use, but with a teleporter network to give players mobility on-foot.

This map was going to be a CMT map, but no such luck. I'm releasing it now so that it gets released at all, since the CMT version has been cancelled. It's fully playable, but not fully polished.

Special Thanks:
Tiamat for tags used in his ncyborg
CtrAltDestroy for the weapon backpack tags
Lightning and H2CE for teleporters and flag bases
Wave of Lag for making me learn how to UV unwrap
baturkin17 of and Phil of for hosting
Kyle and Stormwing for some ideas I wasn't able to implement in the original
CMT for testing, and for their work on the CMT version
The beta testers for the first version (sorry, I forgot your names after two years!)

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