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This is a UI made by FlyingStone of the popular Halo CE map Yoyorast Island. This UI f...


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This is a UI made by FlyingStone of the popular Halo CE map Yoyorast Island. This UI features an "admire" button that makes the UI's text disappear and so you can see the map's twists and turns in all their glory. It also has a game lobby that doesn't ask for updates, saving you all that tedious time waiting for it to check. The only problem with this UI is that "Admire" doesn't light up, but it still works just fine. This is my UI if anyone cares :). I like it because it's a great map with a good camtrack and a pretty map. It's lighter than the stock UI, but still has campaign mode enabled, so I can still play the CMT campaign. Also, take a look in the readme for yours truly.


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Download 'yoyorast_ui.rar' (9.3MB)

This is my first public User Interface that i have made. It was a pain in the butt but well worth it because i 
leaned a lot from this and i will hopefully imply that on my next UI. Before i even begin i would like to say 
THANK YOU SO MUCH to two special people:

[EJ] Bean: Without bean i would be no where in UI making. Many tips he has given me that i wouldn't have learned 
as easy as i did from him. Many frustrating moments i have had with him and not once did he say bugger off. 
In fact, i was the one who quit out on him half the time :D. He has taught me a lot, and i cannot thank him 
enough. He gave me feedback, no BS stuff. He told me how i can improve and what i shouldn't do. He took time 
to give examples both in writing and pictures. He allowed me to use one of his W.I.P maps to test on. He showed 
me trust, I'm glad he trusted me because i learned a lot from using his W.I.P Map and i cant thank him enough 
for that. Bean has done more than what i thought anyone would do. Without you bean, i would have made a really 
cruddy UI. Thanks bean.

n00b1n8R: I would seriously be stuck in the mud if n00b hadn't responded to a help wanted post. He has done more 
than i could ever ask of him and yet he still does. He has been the nicest person i have met by far that was 
willing to tell me the truth and not say, "Oh that's awesome even though it fly's right threw the map and 
everything is messed up. But its OK!". No he made many suggestions, even helped me lay out a another camera track
that he planned out. If n00b hadn't responded to my help wanted post i would REALLY be way behind. I thank you n00b 
for everything, and i thank you for going beyond and helping with many things. 
I thank the both of you because i would without a doubt be confused and mad. I would have never fished the UI 
or even attempt to do it if it wasn't for you two. I thank you very, very much!

Timo: Wow, are you god? =D Timo had the answers when i really couldn't figure it out. Sometimes they were really 
obvious once he explained it to me. He was kind enough to explain them and even when i could not do it he would 
do it for me and send me the file. <3 You. Are. Awesome, many thanks for that. Timo i thank you so much for the 
help you gave me and answering my PM's. Also i thank you for taking time to explain how to edit the files. 
I also thank you for that last minute question that was a total awesome success. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR!

OK now this UI is a default UI. It is not pimped out in any way other than the campaign
option and a no waiting for the update box. I wanted to make this UI so that it would be functional, and not so 
much as pretty eye candy some of you like. I'm sorry that it is not. But as i said this is a good functional UI. 
This does rotate around the Yoyorast Island, and if you are a sniper that has played in this map, you will 
recognize this song. The UI has had many problems. The biggest was the sound. I fixed it but not until 2 weeks 
passed. The UI doesn't feature anything special. I'm sorry for that but i really wanted this to be a easy to 
use, fast to load, and stable UI for you to use.

Dg945: Awesome tut, helped a lot.
Zeph: Also for his UI tut.
Masters: For answering my question about compiling bitmaps, thanks.
Sunray: For a couple of ideas that i will not say here (Secret :D). Also for his awesome music finds that won't 
appear in the UI. But will appear soon :)
Pooky: For his straight answers and helpful reminders.
Timo: For helping me with sound files and for some helpful advice, and for telling me how to add the campaign 
feature and how to make a no-updating box appear, also for that last minute question that was answerd. <3
Ged117: Beta testing and a few pointers. Thanks
YoyoRast: For allowing me to use his map, thank you.
HaloGuru: Thank you for helping me with the camera script.
[EJ]Bean: Tips, testing, and helping me with my many, many questions. Thank you so much!
n00b1n8R: Beta testing, feedback, and ideas. He was also the one to figure out why the music was unable to be heard.
h2vista.net: Thanks for your awesome forms, and thank you to some of the members who posted back on my thread. 
Kornman00: Thank you for your hacked version of guerrilla. 
halomaps.org: Thank you too for your forms and great downloading and uploading freedom.
t7maps.netfast.org: Awesome site, very newbie friendly <3.

BETA Testers:

I don't think i forgot anyone and nobody is any particular order. I thank you all who helped me on this UI. 
And i thank you for downloading this UI.
Got Questions? 
Xfire= flyingstone (user name)
Yahoo= Flyingstone07
Email= Flyingstone07 at yahoo dot com
Take care now and thank guys above for helping me, and thank you for downloading this file.
-FlyingStone, -«tui»FS

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