As per request, I'll step aside and let the devs do the talking. This mod will make your sidewinder map have different models (made...


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As per request, I'll step aside and let the devs do the talking.

This mod will make your sidewinder map have different models (made by doompig), different skins and shaders (by Zoxin), and overall nice modding effects.

The featured weapon is the energy sword in this map. It replaces the plasma pistol and plasma rifles with a much better alternative... the energy sword. It was completely modeled by doompig and shader swapped by me and HHT'd. It has a one hit melee kill with a 2-3 hit kill with shooting. three shots means that your energy sword will overheat. After each shot you will be slightly stunned from moving for 2-3 seconds since this weapon is so powerful.

If you are all wondering what ZaP is, it isn't a lightning bolt. It's an acronym (word that stands for) Zoxin and Pig (doompig that is). This is our first introductional map as our new modding team of ZaP. You should all expect new great mods from the two of us.


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Download '' (2.81MB)

_§_ZaPwinder v0.8_§_
by Team ZaP. (Zoxin0 And Doompig444)

ZaPwinder info:
No, this is not a mod with a bunch of electricity in it, as the name may imply. Nah. 
ZaP is actually the team name of the individuals who created this mod(see
"Team ZaP info" below). Anyways, this map combines the skinning talents of Zoxin and 
the modeling skills of doompig444. This being a combined effort, it seems only fit to
divide the readme into sections by the corresponding creators of the section of the mod.

------------doompig444's Section of the mod aka "The Superior Section" xD--------------

Models: Most of the models in ZaPwinder have been edited severely. All of them were
created by me. These models include:
-MA5B IWCS Assault Rifle remodeled into MA5C PWCS Assault Rifle*
-Sniper Rifle remodeled into Combative Scoped Rifle system.
-Shotgun remodeled into Heavy Shotgun.
-Pistol remodeled into Heavy Magnum
-Plasma Pistol remodeled into Energy Sword

Weapon Performance Modifications:
-MA5C PWCS Assault Rifle* has a 48 round clip, highly increased accuracy, decreased
damage, relative melee damage**, and a built-in 2x scope.
-Combative Scoped Rifle System has decreased starting ammunition, a moderate recoil
when fired, decreased rate of fire, relative melee damage**, and increased damage***.
-Heavy Shotgun has 1 round clip, 12 round maximum ammunition, decreased bullet spread, 
increased damage, heavy recoil, relative melee damage**, and increased amount of 
projectiles fired.
-Heavy Magnum has decreased rate of fire, decreased maximum ammunition, 6 round clip,
moderate recoil, heavily increased damage, no longer has a scope, and relative melee 
-Energy Sword has 3 "lunges" before overcharge, 2 lunge kill, and 1 melee kill.
This sword has also been given a stun that will disable you from moving for about 
2 or 3 seconds, yet it has quite a nice melee hit also, so you may ahve to choose 
between beating or shooting.

Animation Modifications:
Neither me or Zoxin have created any of the 3 animations used in this mod. The Assault
Rifle animations are by, I believe(correct me if I'm wrong!), FlamingRain. The Pistol 
animations are the ever popular animations by [ZMT]Leet and CaD. The Sniper Rifle anims
are from TAZZ, I believe/hope.

I only made some of the skins in here. Mainly, it's the Assault Rifle skin, which used
to be a fail skin until I realized it looked pretty good with the model I made. I also
made the shotgun skin(darkened with snow on it =D). The Energy Sword reticle is custom
made by me, with help from Wolf Grave for placement and shape. The Sniper Rifle skin
is by Zoxin and edited by me to my taste. Also, Halo 2 Team's biped skin has been used, 
over the shaders. I also changed the visor into a grey shade. And based on an idea 
from Zoxin, I made the shaders for the biped shield blu-ish.

*No, this is not a real gun in the Halo Universe, if you think it sounds like one.
Supposedly it's just a modified MA5C =).
**Relative melee damage is melee damage by the size of the gun. So the bigger the gun 
the stronger the melee will be =).
***Sniper's increased damage is still 2 bodyshot, 1 headshot kills, but if you bodyshot
once it will do more damage, so it'll take less shots to finish 'em off with a secondary

-Because plasma pistol isn't placed in Sidewinder, I replaced the plasma rifle with 
the plasma pistol to get the sword onto the map.
-I pulled back the FP camera to make the sword look better. You now see more of the 
weapon because the FP camera is moved back slightly.

----------------------------End of doompig44's portion of readme-----------------------

While this is Team ZaP's debut on here HaloFiles, the people BEHIND Team ZaP should 
be pretty familiar faces around HaloFiles (Zoxin0 and thescorcher/doompig444).Team 
ZaP consists of doompig444(aka thescorcher) and Zoxin(aka Svalen). ZaP is simply 
"Zoxin and Pig", not the sound electricity supposedly makes xD. If you enjoyed this 
mod, stay tuned for out next mods. They will all have ZaP in them, such as ZaPGulch 
or ZaP-finity. This doesn't mean we will ALWAYS make stuff together; Zoxin will still 
make his independent skins, which might be used in a ZaP project, and I will carry on 
making my independent skins and maps.I'd say, we make a fine team. 

-¥-doompig444 and Zoxin-¥-

_§_Zoxin's Area_§_
Description: This mod by Doompig and I will change your sidewinder map 
in a very "leet" manner. It has been skinned and given new placements 
by me. These include: a banshee and warthogs in the middle of the map, 
pistols and a health pack in the middle of the map along with the 
vehicles added, turrets added to the ledge underneath the base, 
shotguns and sniper rifles added to the tunnel ledges leading from 
underground tunnel to other team underground tunnel (seen clearly 
eventually), and rocket launchers placed in between the two posts 
in the underground tunnels at both bases on the slanted incline.

Newly skinned things by me include: the snow hog, the ice ghost, the 
frozen turret, the arctic banshee (already on halofiles for download), 
and the winter scorpion. The weapons skinned by me include the sniper 
rifle, and the rocket launcher.

My work has also been shown with the transparent hands from one of my 
halofiles additions, transparent hands from transparent gulch! As 
normal, these hands will turn yellow when you are completely camoed.


You will need the PPF-O-Matic to install this mod. It is available 
for download at if you don't already have it.

First open up the ppf-o-matic and in the "ISO File" space browse to 
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" folder and find and click open. Next go to the slot that says "Patch" 
in the ppf-o-matic and browse to the downloaded "ZaPwinder.ppf" file 
in the .zip folder (unzip everything inside the .zip folder you 
downloaded in order to use the mod).

Next for the bitmaps. 

First open up the ppf-o-matic and in the "ISO File" space browse to 
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" folder and find and click open. Next go to the slot that says "Patch" 
in the ppf-o-matic and browse to the downloaded "ZaPwinderbitmaps.ppf" 
file in the .zip folder (unzip everything inside the .zip folder you 
downloaded in order to use the mod). And tah dah! You're done! Go play 
a game of any type on sidewinder in game now and test it all out!

You need to have the backed up map to uninstall. If not, then sorry. 
I am not responsible for that.
To uninstall, take the backed up files and repeat the installation 
steps but instead using the original maps and overwriting the new modded 



For feedback or questions contact us at either:

Filefront Member Name: Zoxin0
Filefront Member Name: thescorcher


If you put this file under your own name that isn't mine or doompig's, 
there may be consiquences!
You may not use anything in this mod created by doompig444 or Zoxin in part or whole without explicit permission from either doompig444 or Zoxin. We can be reached at (see Contact Info). However, doompig444 hearby explicitly states that the Assault Rifle and Shotgun skins created by doompig444 used in this mod are usable in your own mods. Just remember to credit doompig444 in the readme. Any other part of the mod besides the 2 skins stated above may not be used without explicit permission from doompig444 or Zoxin. Thank you.

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have 
downloaded this file.

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