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Halo: Combat Evolved HaloCE Tutorial List

TheGhost has compiled a list of HaloCE tutorials here: http://gbxleague.vekien.co.uk/ghost/tut/index.html Tutorials for anything from level creation to vehicles to sky and more can be found on the list.


Halo: Combat Evolved Halo Maps on the Uprise!

There has been a great increase in HaloCE maps, as 47 have been released since October 1. And, the best thing is, the maps keep getting better and more sophisticated due to the release of the complete Halo tag set in October.


Halo: Combat Evolved Biped Creation for HaloCE App

Don't you just hate the biped creation process in the HEK? rec0 has found the perfect solution to this awful process. It allows you to process the gbxmodel file created by tool so that you don't need to go through the pain of reattaching the skin weights. This means it will only take a couple of min...


Halo: Combat Evolved Pillar of Autumn model

Stephen Loftus of HBO has begun work on a 1/1000 scale model of the Pillar of Autumn, made out of sheet styrene. So far he has constructed the general skeleton of the ship and strung some LEDs through so that windows and such will actually be lighted and more visible. You can check out the progres...


Halo: Combat Evolved For all you Halo players who want to mod, Read here!

2 new guides added! Map Rebuilding Hex Editing


Halo: Combat Evolved Halo 1.05 Update

This is a 1-day advance notice that we'll be releasing a hotfix to Halo PC (v 1.05) sometime tomorrow. No feature changes, just two fixes: 1. Security fix to prevent a malicious user from being able to shut down the game on the server (never yet exploited, that we know of) 2. Fix for the XP SP2...


Halo: Combat Evolved 10 New Halo Backgrounds

Yep 10 more. Check them out at http://halosn.bungie.org/wallpaper.html?image=gchiefearth.jpg Or below


Halo: Combat Evolved Yet some more awesome wallpaper

Yep some more wallpaper from halo.bungie.org I love these


Halo: Combat Evolved New Halo Wallpaper

halo.bungie.org has released yet some more wallpaper for us to feed on. You can get them at http://halosn.bungie.org/wallpaper.html?item=1101&rc=10 They are also posted below


Halo: Combat Evolved New Halo Wallpaper

Halo.bungie.org has added new wallpaper to their site that looks great. http://halosn.bungie.org/wallpaper.html?item=1091&rc=10 I posted the images right here for easy access.


Halo: Combat Evolved New Joy Ride Toys!

Halo Sneak Peek from 2004 Toy Fair


Halo: Combat Evolved HEK update!!

Well it appears that the HEK will come out very soon! I really want to start making some mods :) Halo PC Editing Kit Update Posted by SketchFactor at 4/30/2004 1:00 PM Would-be-modders who have been waiting patiently for the Halo Editing Kit don't have to wait much longer. Today we're hap...


Halo: Combat Evolved Dirty Halo Tricks! (tips)

Lots of people play nice when they play Halo. They say things like, "Good shot sir! You're as much a marksman as you are a gentleman!" Other players are not so nice. Some players resort to some horrible, horrible techniques to eke out even the smallest margin of victory in Slayer or CTF. Worse yet a...