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Halo: Combat Evolved Halogen Shut Down - Supplemental

As you're all aware of by now, the Halogen mod has been asked by Microsoft to end its publication. Some of you don't know what Halogen is (besides a type of light bulb), so we'll fill you in on that first. Halogen is a mod for the RTS game Command and Conquer Generals, and was announced around a year or more ago. Since then the mod team has released ima...


Halo: Combat Evolved Rumble Hardcore is Live!

Jeremiah, AKA NinjaOnFire has been hard at work testing, tuning and tweaking the latest playlist changes. And now they're live on Xbox Live for you to check out yourself. There are significant changes this time around and perhaps the most significant of all, is the addition of the Rumble Hardcore playlist. It's tough. Think big kill tallies, lots of rifle...


Halo: Combat Evolved Sidewinder X: New H4x by Dragon

Dragon is working on a new mod for a Sidewinder. It involves some vehicles from halo 2 such as the spectre, but the main thing here is the new "Uber h4x" Dragon's Included. This hack allows you to sit in enemy vehicles, something that until this hasnt been done well enough for Halo CE. UD hasn't told me any release dates yet, but he did say it was "for a cer...


Halo: Combat Evolved Site Update

Halo2files has updated the Left hand menu with some new stuff, Including an exclusive Halo Custom Edition Section and some new HPC Tutorials. This includes my new HPC Tutorial and a few new HCE Ones. CE tutorials are now marked with a ~. Also, we will now accept submissions for tutorials. Those submissions need to go through the link on the left hand menu u...


Halo: Combat Evolved Scarab CE tags almost completed

Jahrain, Daemon, Jayden, and Striker really worked thier butts off. The pic below is a near completed working scarab for halo CE. It was not ripped, stolen, leaked, or anything to that effect. This was created from scratch and quite well done. However keep in mind it is a beta, thus the coll isnt working just right yet, + all the scarab can really do at t...


Halo: Combat Evolved Triple Threat HALO CE Campaign

A new mod for halo Ce is starting up. This mod's campaign will be about 8 to 10 hours in length and feature items from Halo, Halo 2 Quake... Shambler, Slicer Mantis, Lizard creatures, large fish, and more. The mod is in the extremly early stages with the story line finished already. Some of the content in the mod include: Civilians, both genders...


Halo: Combat Evolved Making you modding easier

Wanted to make a mod for halo but did want to spend ages looking for the tags for your vehicles, weapons, and maps? Then I have good news(no you did not save any money on your car insurance) The Ghost at the gearbox fourms has compiled all the tags into one 350mb .rar file So if you found modding difficult because you could not find the tags, this should mak...


Halo: Combat Evolved Project Torlan a HALO mod for UT2004

If you are a fan of the unreal tournament series and a halo fan why not mix them together? well you can :) thanks to the crew of project torlan where halo meets ut there is already been an early release of this mod and I have played it alot with buffy and the gang if you want to give it a go head on over to http://torlan.forerunners.org


Halo: Combat Evolved Halogen mod Update

For those of you that don't know, Halogen is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer: Generals, with the two sides being the Covenant and UNSC. Another update on the mod's progress has just been posted, featuring the mighty Scorpion tank. When I first saw the render, I mistook it for a screenshot from Halo. Just a small update for today, I'll show...


Halo: Combat Evolved New Maps

If you have not already noticed, I have added 11 new maps to the Halo CE files. All the maps added are very well done and worth a download.


Halo: Combat Evolved Halo Editing Tutorial

Halomods.com has just realeased some great videos for those of you who are interested in modding halo. You can find the videos at http://www.halomods.com/tutorials/Mapping/hek_vid_tutorial/hek_vid_tutorial.php


Halo: Combat Evolved 10 Maps pack for Halo CE

I was adding the maps when i though to myself, hey why don't I make a map pack so its easier for everyone else to download. So I did. http://www.halofiles.com/file/Halo_CE_10_Map_Pack;25865 Its all the current 10 maps for Halo CE. Have fun with it.


Halo: Combat Evolved First HaloCE Map

Looks like the first totaly new map has been created for Halo CE. The artist is currently unknown, however kudos to him. Nice looking map but a bit small. http://www.halofiles.com/file/Casualty_Gorge;25781


Halo: Combat Evolved Halo CE FAQ

Q: What is Halo CE? A: Halo Custom Edition is an optional, unsupported download that is free for all users of Halo PC, which will allow you to play multiplayer games on custom maps that will be created by Halo fans. It is now available from Gearbox; see their forums at http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.com/ubbthreads.php for download locations. Q: What...


Halo: Combat Evolved 3D Max pugin

Gearbox released a 3d max plugin for version 3 and 4.2 Download it at: http://www.cortana.org/tafs/files_patch.taf


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