Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Map Sources

The official source files for maps from Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2.


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The official source files for maps from Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2.

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Download 'fakk2_map_source.zip' (1.37MB)

Please do not email Ritual Entertainment with questions about the 
source, as we do not have the resources to support it.  They are provided
as is, and are meant to be a learning tool for people who wish to build
their own FAKK2 maps.

Revision History
11/21/2000 - Initial Release

Heavy Metal FAKK 2 Map sources

license.rtf                       - the license file
readme.txt                        - what you are reading

cemetery\cemetery.map             - We Cemetery map source
cemetery\cemetery.scr             - We Cemetery main script
cemetery\cemetery_cinemas.scr     - We Cemetery cinematic script
cemetery\cemetery_hub.scr         - We Cemetery hub script
cemetery\cemetery.snd             - We Cemetery sound file

cliff1\cliff1.map                 - Outskirts of Eden map source
cliff1\cliff1.scr                 - Outskirts of Eden main script
cliff1\cliff1_cinemas.scr         - Outskirts of Eden cinematic script
cliff1\cliff1.snd                 - Outskirts of Eden sound file

fakkhouse\fakkhouse.map           - Julie's House
fakkhouse\fakkhouse.scr           - Julie's House
fakkhouse\fakkhouse_cinemas.scr   - Julie's House
fakkhouse\fakkhouse_hub.scr       - Julie's House
fakkhouse\fakkhouse.snd           - Julie's House

homes2evil\homes2evil.map         - Eden Market under siege!
homes2evil\homes2evil.scr         - Eden Market under siege!
homes2evil\homes2evil_cinemas.scr - Eden Market under siege!
homes2evil\homes2evil.snd         - Eden Market under siege!

oracle\oracle.map                 - Tomb of the We
oracle\oracle.scr                 - Tomb of the We
oracle\oracle_cinemas.scr         - Tomb of the We
oracle\oracle.snd                 - Tomb of the We

swamp1\swamp1.map                 - Mooagly Swamps
swamp1\swamp1.scr                 - Mooagly Swamps
swamp1\swamp1_cinemas.scr         - Mooagly Swamps
swamp1\swamp1.snd                 - Mooagly Swamps

To edit and build these you will need the FAKK tools correctly installed



Extract the contents of this archive to the maps directory under
(game install directory)\fakk\.


fakked.ritual.com - Brush Boy's level design and scripting resource page
www.gith.net - Heavy Metal FAKK 2 editing site
www.fakkyou.com - Heavy Metal FAKK 2 page

www.ritual.com - Ritual Entertainment's Home Page
www.ritualistic.com - #1 resource for Ritual related news
www.heavymetal.net - Official Heavy Metal site for Heavy Metal Magazine

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