Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia v1.0 to v1.1 Patch - US English

Patch_H3us_10to11.zip —


The first official patch for Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia.



Changes in Version 1.1:

Allied Maps: 
- Several Scenario Maps have both allied and non-allied versions for 
  single and multi-player games. It is easy to spot the allied 
  versions in the scenario list; each has "(allies)" next to the 

Multi-Player Updates: 
- Data Transfer has been significantly improved!   Amount of data 
  transferred from player to player was optimized to reduce transfer 
  times to a fraction of those in version 1.0. 
- Hot Seat Updates - Resolved several Hot Seat problems including 
  month-end issue and problem where games end before all win/loss 
  conditions are met. 
- Town Names and Types now correctly match in Multi-Player Games. 
- Right-clicking in the map selection screen will no longer stop 
  others from choosing their hero. 
- Players can no longer see another player's stats nor dismiss 
  another player's troops or heroes.

Map/Campaign Updates: 
- Gold Rush Campaign (Neutral 1B) - Updated to ensure that players 
  start with correct heroes. 
- Steadwick's Fall Camp (Evil 1C) - Reduced difficulty level. 
- Dragon Orb - Heroes no longer are trapped after using teleporter.   
  Redwood Observatory now accessible. 
- Vial of Life - All objects now accessible on adventure map. 
- Islands and Caves - Treasure Chest now accessible. 
- The Mandate of Heaven - Added Brown Tent. 
- Warmongers - Removed Market of Time. 
- Titan's Winter - Upgraded Black Box treasure. 
- Myth and Legend - Updated water area.   Added resources.   
  Balanced artifacts. 
- Race for Ardintinny - Fortress Town no longer starts with Mighty 
- Barbarian Breakout - Corpse no longer blocks characters path. 
- Alchemy Lab Update - Battles at Alchemy Labs are now fought on an 
  above ground combat screen. 
- General - Updated Obelisks and Puzzle Map to ensure that "X" is 
  not revealed too early.

General Updates: 
- Artifact update - The Spirit of Oppression now affects wandering 
- Artifact update - Resource artifacts now function correctly on 
  garrisoned and visiting heroes in towns. 
- Creature Update - Troglodytes are immune to stone gaze from 
- Creature Update - Cyclops can no longer attack during tactics 
- Creature Update - Garrisoned creatures now show proper hero 
- Blind - Updated "Blind" spell to work correctly on all creatures. 
- Seer's Hut allows you to choose between troops if your party is 
- Necromancer Skill - Updated to give the player 2/3 of skeleton 
- Resurrected Creatures - Spells that were cast before a creature is 
  killed no longer affect creature after resurrection. Resolved 
  other anomalies associated with resurrecting creatures. 
- Map Editor - Resolved Text Error in the size of Large maps. 
- Custom Hero pictures now displayed correctly in taverns. 
- Heroes no longer receive full movement points when rehired in the 
  same day they die, retreat or surrender. 
- Replay Opponent button no longer causes screen to go blank. 
- Updated Resource Bar to update correctly the resource stats. 
- Updated "Week of..." and "Month of..." to no longer appear in same 
- Resolved issue that could occur when selecting Artifacts from the 
  Kingdom Overview Screen. 
- Resolved issue when Archangels attempt to resurrect other 
- Resolved issue in Show Advanced Options. 
- Save Game Screen - "/" now filtered as an invalid character. 
- Program updated to fix anomalies with mouse cursor display on 
  Voodoo Rush™ cards.

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