Ion Maiden is now known as Ion Fury

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

We reported last week that we were expecting a big announcement from 3D Realms and Voidpoint regarding Ion Maiden, a retro classic-style first person shooter created in the Duke Nukem 3D engine, and now we know exactly what that announcement is - the game has been renamed, and will be known as Ion Fury going forward.

We suspected this may be the reason behind the announcement, as there has been a long-standing and well-known lawsuit underway from the band Iron Maiden, who took exception to the game riffing on their intellectual property. The good news is the new name, Ion Fury, is a pretty decent and simple alternative that really makes no major difference to the game. Infact, it probably fits better, if anything.

We also learned that the game would be releasing on August 15th, along with a brand new trailer which you can see above. In true retro style, there's also going to be a big box release, something fellow 90's gamers will appreciate, which will contain a flash drive with the game along with extra goodies like stickers, posters, a key card and making-of booklet.

You can check out the details and pre-order the game now on the new Ion Fury website here.

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3 years ago by Plok

When they announced on the official 3D Realms Discord that they were indeed changing the name, I expected worse. For such a short notice, they came up with something quite decent. Oh, and the game is dope too.

3 years ago by Plok

Also #UpYoursMaidens