Jane's Advanced Tactical Fighters: NATO Fighters v1.1 Patch - French

The latest official patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical Fighters - NATO Fighters.


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The latest official patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical Fighters - NATO Fighters.

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Download 'Nato_11f.exe' (151KB)

             NATO FIGHTERS (ATF) Patch v1.01F ENGLISH


Table of Contents

    I. 	Letter from EA
   II. 	Installation Instructions
  III. 	Changes and Additions
   IV. 	Troubleshooting
    V. 	Product Support Information



Thank you for obtaining the Jane's Combat Simulations - NATO 
Fighters (ATF) v1.01F Patch.

This patch is intended for use with Cyrix 6x86-based systems that 
exhibit a "crash to DOS" when NATO Fighters is run.  The "crash"
problem is most noticable when trying to fly any of the Baltic-region
campaign missions.  During takeoff the Cyrix 6x86-based system that
this patch is intended for will crash to DOS with a message in the
upper-left corner of the screen stating:

        "Application C:\Janes\ATF\AF.EXE has caused an exception:
         Access Violation..."

Any system, whether it is Cyrix-based or otherwise, can exhibit 
this very same error message when something ELSE is wrong.  
Make certain that you are running the game from either a BOOT DISK 
or SHORTCUT to DOS prepared in the manner prescribed by the Install 

The use of the patch will NOT impact the persistence of this
error message if there are other problems with the game's 
configuration.  Only proper installation and configuration will 
prevent these problems.

Use of the "WORK-AROUND":
When the incompatibility between NATO Fighters and the Cyrix 6x86 
was first discovered, Origin and Electronic Arts released 
information about a possible 'fix.'  This 'fix' was a matter of 
turning off the texture-map options for in-flight objects.  In 
almost all cases, this did keep the game from crashing to DOS.

With the patch successfully installed, you should be able to 
turn the object TEXTURE MAPPING back ON... and keep it turned ON.

Please note the following instructions carefully and let us know 
if you encounter any serious problems in trying to use the patch.

Thank you!



Copy the file NATO_11E.exe into a temporary directory.  (You may opt
to copy this file into the ATF directory.)  Once the copy is complete,
change to the directory containing NATO_11E.exe and type:
        "NATO_11E" and press ENTER

You should have the following files present after running the self 
extracting executable NATO_11E.exe:

If all files are present after typing "NATO_11E" then you are ready to
'patch' the game.

To install the patch, type the following:
	1. Type "copy patch*.* c:\<ATF Directory>"
		-- You should see a message reading "4 files 
                Note: If you expanded the NATO_11E.exe file while in
                the ATF directory, you will NOT need to copy the files.
                Skip to step #3.
	2. Change to your ATF directory by typing:
		-- "cd\" press enter
		-- "cd <ATF directory>" press enter
	3. Once in the ATF directory, type "patch.bat" and press 

!!                                                              !!
!!         This procedure could take up to 10 minutes.          !!
!!   Your system may also appear to be locked up upwards to     !!
!!              5 minutes during this process...                !!
!!                                                              !!
	4. When the patch is finished installing itself, you 
	should see a message saying:
	        -- "Total File Patches Processed ....( 2)"
	5. The patch is now installed, run NATO(ATF) as normal.


III. Changes and Additions




** [ Problems Expanding the Patch program ] **
        If you are experiencing problems during the installation of
the patch program, please refer to the steps listed at the top of
this file.  Ensure that you have copied the NATO_11E.exe file to a
TEMPORARY directory prior to typing "NATO_11E."

In addition, make sure that you executed "NATO_11E" within
the temporary directory and that all files (PATCH*.*) are present
after the decompression routine.

*** The file 'NATO_11E.exe' contains the 'Patch' files...
*** The 'Patch' files need to be copied to the ATF directory...
*** The file called "PATCH" needs to be run in the ATF directory...

Should problems persist with the installation of the patch,
you may need to DOWNLOAD the NATO_11E.exe file again.  If you did
not recieve this file via Internet site (ftp or www. home-page), then
you may need to RE-COPY the file from the original floppy disk onto
your hard drive.

It is possible to get a "bad download" of a file of any size.
Make sure that you have downloaded the file through a reliable 
Internet connection.

** [ Problems Installing the Patch ] **

If after typing "patch" from the ATF directory (after having copied all 
PATCH files from the temporary directory into the ATF directory) you do 
not see any hard drive activity for longer than one hour or if you 
receive an error message, there may be a problem with data on your 
hard drive.

Prepare your hard drive:
Run a complete SCAN and DEFRAGmentation of your hard drive.  If your 
primary operating system is a version of MS-DOS (6.0 or later), you
can type "SCANDISK" at the command prompt to do a thorough scan of all
data areas on the hard drive.  Make sure that SCANDISK fixes any and all
problems that you feel should be remedied.  After using SCANDISK you can
type "DEFRAG C: /F" to de-fragment your hard drive.

Windows 95 users can find these tools located (generally) in the
"System Tools" folder within "Accessories."  Simply click on "START" and
then on "PROGRAM" then on "ACCESSORIES" and finally on "SYSTEM TOOLS."
You will be able to select both 'Scandisk' and 'Defrag' from this folder.

Reinstall the patch (following all steps) after your hard disk is 
verified to be running smoothly.

** [ Problems Running the Game ] **

For any problems, make sure that you are using a Cyrix-based system for 
which this patch was intended.

*/ Game does not run /*
Fortunately, the NATO_11E patch modifies code in the AF.exe module that 
will prevent an otherwise inevitable crash to DOS on any
Cyrix 6x86 system.  If the game ran before you installed the patch
but has ceased to run after installing the patch, it is best to assume
that the version of the patch that you recieved is a "bad version."
        * See section above dealing with Patch installation *

Get a new version of the patch.  Download it again during a
'low-traffic' time, or call Origin or Electronic Arts Technical 
Support for a patch disk to be sent to you.

*/ Game never ran... still doesn't after the patch /*
If ATF / NATO Fighters never ran on your computer system and still does 
not after installing the patch, you will probably need to
consult the installation guide for help making a BOOT DISK or a
SHORTCUT to DOS through Windows 95.

The patch does not solve configuration problems nor difficulties in 
setting up peripherals (such as sound cards).

*/ Game runs... can't see a difference, though /*
The use of the NATO_11E patch should allow you to turn ON the texture 
mapping for all objects in the game without risking a 'crash to DOS.'  
While in the "Choose Activity" (or 'Main Screen') click on PREF
and then select "Graphics."  Turn on TEXTURE MAPPING for objects in the
game.  The TEXTURE MAPPING option is located on the right-hand-side of
the pull-down menu for Graphics Preferences.

You can also turn your textures back ON while in-flight.  Press
the ESC key and select Preferences from the menu at the top of your
screen.  Select Graphics and then elect to turn ON the TEXTURE MAPPING
option (located on the right-hand-side of the menu).


If you have any problems contact us at:

	ORIGIN Phone Tech Support: (512) 434-HELP
		-- HOURS: (Central Standard Time)
			9:00 AM-12:45 and 2:00-4:45 M-T
			9:00 AM-12:45 and 2:00-3:45 F

	EA Phone Tech Support: (415) 572-2787
		-- HOURS: (Pacific Standard Time)
			8:30 AM-4:30 M-F

	ORIGIN FAX Tech Support: (512) 795-8014
	ORIGIN BBS Tech Support: (512) 346-2BBS (14.4 kBaud @ 8,N,1)
	ORIGIN Internet Tech Support: support@origin.ea.com
	ORIGIN Internet FTP Site: ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/patches
	ORIGIN Tech Support Mailing Address:
		ORIGIN Systems
		C/O Customer Service
		5918 West Courtyard Drive
		Austin, TX  78730-5036

	Jane's Combat Simulations Web Site: http://www.ea.com/janes/


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