Jane's Fleet Command v1.1 Patch

The first official patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: Fleet Command.


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The first official patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: Fleet Command.

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Download 'fleet_patch.zip' (5.31MB)

Welcome to Jane's Fleet Command Update 1.1. This update will modify your original Jane's Fleet Command installation by adding many new features (some of which are listed below), and by fixing some issues some people have encountered when running Fleet Command.

Installation Instructions

The Fleet Command Update11.exe is a self-extracting File. You must have Fleet Command installed onto your computer. Double click on the icon and follow the directions on the screen. The patch will extract the necessary files automatically.

*NOTE: Any previously saved game data will not load properly and may cause conflicts. It is recommended to completely uninstall and reinstall Jane's Fleet Command prior to installation of this update.

New Features and Fixes

1. Sonobuoys reload.
Aircraft that run out of sonobuoys are reloaded when they land. 

2. Auto-engage options.
Adds 2 new options to the "Game" options screen.
  1. "Ships Auto-engage Incoming Missiles"
  2. "Aircraft Auto-engage Hostiles".  
Defaults to off.  

3. Smart ID option.
Adds another option to the "Game" options screen called "Auto-classify Unknown Air".
This automatically ID's anything incoming at over 500kts as assumed hostile.  Defaults to off.  

4. Database and Doctrine checks in multiplayer added.
Verifies that databases are the same between players at startup of a multiplayer game.  Posts a warning to other players if doctrine files have been modified. 

5. Version check in multiplayer added.
Warns all players if any player is playing an older version.  

6. Selectable aircraft loadouts.
Right-clicking a specific aircraft in the flight deck dialog pops up a menu with up to 4 options: 
  1. ASW (Anti-submarine Weapon)
  2. ASUW (Anti-Surface Unit Weapon)
  3. AAW (Anti-Air Weapon) 
  4. Strike (Primarily Anti-Surface Unit Weapons but will also include Anti-Aircraft Weapons as well)

7. Adds the AIM-54 Phoenix AAAM (Advanced Air to Air Missile) missile.  

8. Multiplayer chat dialog.
Pops up a dialog box over the main game screen to enter multiplayer chat, rather than having to switch to the comms screen.

9.  Adds ASW (Anti-submarine Weapon) rockets. The ability to target torpedoes has been added, which will allow users who added RBU (Raketnaya Bombometnaya Ustanovka) rockets to attack torpedoes.

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