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The official campaign update for Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 which edits the Fallen Crescent campaign with a more challenging v...


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The official campaign update for Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 which edits the Fallen Crescent campaign with a more challenging variant.

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AZER2000.TXT for Longbow 2 AZER2000 campaign
(c)1997 Origin Systems Inc.

1.  Description
AZER2000 is a replacement campaign for the Fallen Crescent campaign 
included in Longbow 2.  The original campaign has American forces 
challenging Iranian military forces in the Azerbahjian region of the 
Middle East.  AZER2000 is the same campaign, but with a challenging 
twist.  The authentic Iranian Order of Battle, which was faithfully 
represented in Longbow 2, has been replaced with front line, modern 
CIS equipment.  Armor, SAMS, and helicopters are now state-of-the 
art, and their doctrine and performance has been changed to reflect 
this.  The already challenging Fallen Crescent campaign now has a 
added level of difficulty.  Easy recon missions now become desperate 
searches for wily, powerful foes.  Helicopter ambushes are no longer 
opportunities for easy kills.  Even normal CAS missions have the 
added challenge of the surprise SAM vehicle mixed in with the tanks.  
Not for novice pilots, AZER2000 will challenge the best of the 
Longbow 2 pilots, and make cooperative play a necessity for success.  
Good luck!  You're going to need it.

2.  Installation
Installing AZER2000 is easy.  Run the self extracting file 
AZER2000.EXE in your Longbow 2 directory (usually c:\janes\longbow2).  
Then, run the batch file INSTAZER.BAT.  This will back up the old 
campaign info, and make the new one.  You are now ready to go.

3.  Playing AZER2000
To play the AZER2000 campaign, simply start a new Fallen Crescent 
campaign from the campaign building on the main base screen.  This 
new campaign will have all of the changes.NOTE:  Old Fallen Crescent 
campaign save games will not work with AZER2000.  Do not attempt to 
fly them, as they may get corrupted.  To play old campaign save 
games, uninstall AZER2000.

4.  Uninstalling AZER2000
When flying AZER2000 campaigns, you cannot fly old Fallen Crescent 
campaigns.  In order to do so, you must run the REMAZER.BAT file in 
you Longbow 2 Directory.  This will copy the old campaign info back.  
To run AZER2000 save games again, rerun the INSTAZER.BAT file.

5.  Support
AZER2000 is a free add on for Longbow 2.  As such, Origin Systems 
will not provide support for AZER2000.  If you have any problems, 
simply run REMAZER.BAT to return to original Longbow 2.

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