Jane's Longbow 2 Display Driver Update

The latest official display driver update for Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2.It requires the game to be updated to version 2.09.


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The latest official display driver update for Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2.

It requires the game to be updated to version 2.09.

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Download 'lb2_ddu.zip' (2.54MB)

Longbow 2 Display Driver Update Readme File

(C) 1998, Origin Systems, Inc. This document may not, in whole or part,
be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any
electronic medium or machine readable form without prior consent, in
writing from Origin Systems, Inc.

Origin Systems, Inc. believes the information contained in this
document is accurate and reliable. Origin Systems, Inc. reserves the
right to update this manual at any time and without notice.

To find out the latest information about Longbow 2, check out our
Internet Web site http://www.janes.ea.com.


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from the Notepad menu above.


I.   Description
II.  Instructions
III. TroubleShooting
IV.  Recommended Settings
V.   Customer Service/Tech Support


This is a display driver update to allow Longbow 2 to run 3D 
accelerated on 3D accelerator cards using the following chipsets:

Riva 128
Rendition Verite V2100 and V2200
TI/3D Labs Permedia 2
Intel i740
Matrox G200

The Display Driver upgrade may support other chipsets; however, only
the above five have been thoroughly tested.  Please see the section
titled "Card Specific Information" below for additional information on
both supported and non-supported chipsets.  If you have a 3Dfx
graphics card, use the Glide version of the game.



To install the Longbow 2 drivers, run the self-extracting archive 
LB2_DDU.EXE.  This will install the Device Driver Update into your
Longbow 2 directory.  

Note: This update requires that you have the Longbow 2 patch, version
      2.09F, before it will install.  You can download this file, 
      LB2209E.EXE, from the Jane's web site (www.janes.ea.com).


During the installation of the Display Driver Update, you will be 
asked to tell Longbow 2 about your video hardware.  If you find that
the graphics are scrambled in certain views, you may have selected 
the wrong chipset.

To set up or the correct drivers for your specific accelerator card,
you need to run the program LB2CFG.EXE in your Longbow 2 directory.
This program is also located in the Windows Start menu, under
Programs\Jane's Combat Simulations\Longbow 2\
LB2 Graphics Configuration.  

LB2CFG will display a dialog box that allows you to select which display
engine LB2 will attempt to run.  The three choices are 3Dfx, Direct3D, 
and Software. If you have a 3Dfx card, we suggest that you select the 
3Dfx option, since LB2 was optimized for operation on 3Dfx based cards.
If you have any of the cards supported by this update, select Direct3D.
This allows you to select, from the pulldown menu titled "Direct3D
Chipset Selection", the card that you own.  This will set up the
configuration for your specific card.  If you do not have hardware
acceleration, or want to see the game run in Software mode, select

To change these options again, simply re-run LB2CFG.

Happy Hunting!


If you find that your card is showing unusual palette colors or graphic
streaks in certain views please try the following.

- In order to get the best performance from you hardware accelerator, 
  it is necessary to have the latest drivers from the video card 
  manufacturer.  Please consult your video hardware documentation for
  instructions and locations for the latest drivers.

- Make sure that you have selected the appropriate chipset for your
  card. To change this chipset setting, run the LB2 Graphics 
  Configuration utility, LB2CFG.  Refer to section II.B, Driver Setup,
  above for details on how to use this program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of these chipsets supports Direct 3D differently.
While we worked to optimize the settings for each of these chipsets, 
there may be some minor anomalies due to driver incompatibilities.


The following is a list of option settings recommended to improve your
gaming experience while running under Direct3D.  These options are
located by selecting the options menu, choosing "Graphics", then
choosing "Custom Detail..."

A. Horizon Distance:  Select third notch from left.  This will
   significantly improve frame rate.

B.  Deselect Sky Texture.  With the horizon distance set near, fogging
    gives the appearance of a perpetual cloudy day.  Deselecting sky
    texture provides a blended blue sky.  This doesn't provide any
    performance gains.

For the best performance, select "Low" on the main graphics options
page.  This automatically adjusts option settings in order to achieve
optimal frame rate.


If you have any trouble or questions please feel free to contact us
in any of the following ways:

ORIGIN Phone Tech Support:      650-425-1650
      8:30am-11:45am and 1PM to 4:30pm Pacific Time 
      Hours subject to change.
ORIGIN FAX Tech Support:        650-286-5080
      Fax's will be responded to by fax - please include a fax
ORIGIN Internet Tech Support: support@origin.ea.com
ORIGIN Internet FTP Site:   origin.ea.com
ORIGIN Tech Support Mailing Address:
      Origin Systems
      Tech Support
      P.O. Box 7578
      San Mateo, CA 94403-7578

* Longbow 2 Web Site:

To find out the latest information about Longbow 2, please check
out our Internet Web site:

* Janes Combat Simulations:

* Customer Support around the world:

You can also reach our other Customer Service departments located
globally. Please consult the list below for the nearest office to your

Electronic Arts Ltd
PO Box 835
SL3  8XP

Telephone:  01753 546465
Electronic Arts France
Cetre d' Affaires Telebase
3 Rue Claude Chappe
69771 Saint Didier au Mont D'Or Cedex

Telephone:  72 532525
Electronic Arts GmbH
Pascalstrasse 6
52076 Aachen

Telephone:  52 412 4307
Edificio Arcade
Rufino Gonzalez 23 bis. Planta 1a. Local 2
28037 Madrid

Telephone:  1304-7091
Electronic Arts Victor Inc
2-4-12 Jingumae,
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150

Telephone: 813-5410-3111
Electronic Arts Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 432
QLD 4215

Telephone: 1 902 261 600 (95 cents per minute) ITM
7 days a week 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
If you are under 18 years of age, parental consent is required
Readme by: Will McBurnett

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