Jane's Longbow v1.08 Patch - French

The latest major patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow.


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The latest major patch for Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow.

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Longbow Patch Text File

        Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow v1.08F

(C) 1996, Origin Systems, Inc. This document may not, in whole or part,
be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any
electronic medium or machine readable form without prior consent, in
writing from Origin Systems, Inc.

Origin Systems, Inc. believes the information contained in this
document is accurate and reliable. Origin Systems, Inc. reserves the
right to update this manual at any time and without notice.

To find out the latest information about AH-64D Longbow, check out our
Internet Web site http://www.ea.com/janes.html.


To print a hardcopy of this file, at the DOS prompt, change to the
directory where this file is and type :



I. Fixes
II. Modifications
III. Customer Service/Tech Support


1. DOS/4GW Crashes: The game has been known to crash with various
video hardware and memory settings. If this happens, re-run the game 
using the command-line switch 'v'to possibly correct the problem. For
example: 'LB v'.

2. Shift +/-: It was reported by several personnel that the Shift +/-
key combinations would occasionally get stuck while in use. This has
been corrected.

3. Flight Recorder / Waypoint: Some customers experienced a problem
when the flight recorder was left on from mission to mission, where
the previous mission's waypoints and loadout would transfer to their
next mission. This has been corrected.

4. Flares listing has been removed: Flares, while not in the actual
game, were listed in the remappable keyboard section. Their listing
has been removed.

5. "Seven Eleven" Desert Storm Historical Mission: After completing 
all the Desert Storm missions, the player would receive the Kuwait 
Service Ribbon once, and thereafter each time they completed the 
mission. This has been corrected.

6. Vertical constraints on the rocket I beam: The rocket I beam is
now dashed when it is vertically out of constraints with the target
you are shooting at.

7. SA-15 threat line on the ASE: The SA-15 would not show up on the
ASE when it was engaging the player aircraft. This has been corrected.

8. Autorotation made easier: With the improved flight model, it is
now easier to perform an emergency autorotation landing.

9. Baltic Hammer service ribbon: There was a condition where you might
not be awarded the Baltic Hammer Service Ribbon. This has been

10. Loadout/ Janes book: Going to the Janes book after arming your
helicopter and then flying the mission would rearm your helicopter
with the default loadout. This has been corrected.

11. Enemy skill setting changing: It was reported that when
switching between single, historical, and campaign mission types the
category of the enemy would change. This has been corrected.

12. Replay path error: If you flew the campaign multiple times with
the same pilot, tree branching errors might occur when advancing
between missions. This has been corrected.

13. Exiting the Debrief Area.  It was reported that if you exited 
the Debrief area via the gameflow options menu, the game would save 
the pilot with what ever progress was attained in the last mission 
flown.  This has now been corrected.


1. Easier to slow down:  The flight model has been changed a little to 
allow the helicopter to come to a hover quicker, and easier.

2. MS Sidewinder option: There is now an option for MS Sidewinder in
the calibration screen. Please select the Flight Stick Pro & MS
Sidewinder option. Also make sure that the slider on the front of your
Sidewinder is on FS Pro mode (the single dot). If you are having any
problems in flight try the ThrustMaster FCS option and change the MS
Sidewinder emulation switch to ThrustMaster mode (two dots). Also the
joystick works much better for Longbow under DOS rather than
Windows 95.

Note:  Continued difficulty in joystick calibration is generally
the result of a joystick port that is operating too fast for the 
software's calibration routine.  We recommend that all users employ 
a "speed adjustable game card" to get the best performance from their 
joystick hardware.

3. IHADSS Left and Right view: Now when you look left and right the
IHADSS is super-imposed in that view. Also the side views are now
cached in for users that have more than 8 megs of RAM available to the
program.  This allows these views to be viewed faster.

4. Maxing the collective causes reduction in rotor RPM: As the
collective is maxed, the extreme blade pitch angle causes the engine to
bog down a bit.

5. Torque yaw effect: As you increase your collective the engine
torque will yaw the helicopter slightly to the right. Lowering
the amount of torque will yaw the helicopter slightly to the left.

6. The hellfire lock box remains until the last Hellfire detonates: As
you fire your last Hellfire, the missile constraint box will remain
until the missile detonates. This allows you to know if LOS (Line Of
Sight) is still valid to the target as the last missile is in-bound.

7. On screen text for cameras and auto pilot: When you enable and
disable various automatic cameras (like the Death camera, and Incoming
missile camera) text is displayed on the IHADSS for a few seconds to
indicate their current setting. Also autopilot settings are now
displayed on the IHADSS when the autopilot system is engaged. These
values are displayed with numerals in a smaller character size just
above the IHADSS speed and altitude displays.

8. Ruby Red now has Noriega's Jet: Noriega's personal jet has now been
added to the mission, and is the new objective of this mission.

9. No terrain message: When changing the terrain detail levels in the
gameflow options menu and then going to an "Instant Action" mission
the game would give an error. The game will now redecompress the last
terrain file that was flown at the newly selected detail level.

10. Changing the in-flight resolution: An option to change the
default inflight resolution has been added to the gameflow options 

11. Cannon and weapon firing recoil: When firing the cannon the
helicopter will now respond to the recoil. This is most noticeable in
a hover.

12. Rotor Sound changed:  A new more realistic rotor sound has now
been added.

III. Customer Service/Tech Support

If you have any trouble or questions please feel free to contact us
in any of the following ways:

ORIGIN Phone Tech Support:      (512) 434-HELP  (512) 434-4357
      9-5 C.S.T Hours subject to change.
ORIGIN FAX Tech Support:        (512) 795-8014
      Fax's will be responded to by fax - please include a fax
ORIGIN BBS Tech Support:        (512) 346-2BBS  (515) 346-2227
      (14.4k Baud @ 8,N,1)
ORIGIN Internet Tech Support: support@origin.ea.com
ORIGIN Internet FTP Site:   origin.ea.com
ORIGIN Tech Support Mailing Address:
                ORIGIN Systems
                C/O Customer Service
                5918 West Courtyard Drive
                Austin, TX  78730-5036

* AH-64D Longbow Web Site:

To find out the latest information about AH-64D Longbow, please check
out our Internet Web site:

* Janes Combat Simulations:


* Customer Support around the world:

You can also reach our other Customer Service departments located
globally. Please consult the list below for the nearest office to your

Electronic Arts Ltd
PO Box 835
SL3  8XP

Telephone:  01753 546465
Electronic Arts France
Cetre d' Affaires Telebase
3 Rue Claude Chappe
69771 Saint Didier au Mont D'Or Cedex

Telephone:  72 532525
Electronic Arts GmbH
Pascalstrasse 6
52076 Aachen

Telephone:  52 412 4307
Edificio Arcade
Rufino Gonzalez 23 bis. Planta 1a. Local 2
28037 Madrid

Telephone:  1304-7091
Electronic Arts Victor Inc
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Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 150

Telephone: 813-5410-3111
Electronic Arts Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 432
QLD 4215

Telephone: 1 902 261 600 (95 cents per minute) ITM
7 days a week 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
If you are under 18 years of age, parental consent is required
Readme by: Graham Wood, Reece Thornton, and Jon Piascki

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