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I want to thank all those waiting on affiliate requests. Your patience is much appreciated. Over the past several weeks, we have been planning an affiliates update. Normally we have only accepted modding-related websites for our affiliates section, with a few exceptions here and there. Because of the great number of clans out there, and the recent request from several to be affiliates, we've made a little change to our system. Because our affiliates section is already so long, and with one clan would come a swamp of dozens, we have had to make a compromise. To allow clans to affiliate with us, we have put them on a separate page, with one button at the top of the affiliates list linking to it. There are benefits to this, however. Being on a separate page, we have decided to allow clan descriptions. Should you wish your clan to affiliate with us, you can also leave something of an advertisement, which we will post next to your clan button and link, explaining what your clan is all about, and why people should join it. We do, of course, ask that the description be kept short, both because we don't want to page to be 8 pages long, and people will easily bore of your description if it is too long (which doesn't do your clan any good!). For any clans wishing to affiliate, please ensure one of our buttons (found on the Link To Us page) is displayed in a prominent location on your site (your front page, or an affiliates section), and make sure you have an 88x31 pixel button for us, then simply e-mail the button, your website URL, and a description if you wish, and we will be happy to add you to our affiliates page for as long as our button remains on your website! While I'm doing this, I'd like to announce three new additions to our affiliates section (something I hope to do more often - apologies to past affiliates!): Level Design by Darth NormaN KW Academy (clan) Free Saber Alliance (clan) Chronicles of the Force (clan) Be sure to check them out if you get a chance!
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