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Published by Astyanax 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
A lot of people were anticipating the release of Duelers Full. It was what had hoped to be the most promising mod for JK2 yet. Now it seems that day will never come. Marker0077 has left the Duelers team due to some fallouts he was having with the Lee Oattes, the Duelers coder...
Marker0077: I had tried to work out a couple of different arrangements out with Lee Oattes (the Duelers coder) for some time now. One of which was an arrangement for me to stay on Duelers & the other was for Chosen One (Jedi Academy mod coder) & I to code a Duelers based mod of our own.
There will be a list of forums where you can go & get more information on that, as well as leave commentary on that matter or just Cool Mods for JK2 in general. Marker0077 is now starting the Cool Mods for JK2 project. If you have played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, you may have heard of the Cool Mods for MoHAA project ( We are hoping to have the Cool Mods for JK2 web site up & running either tomorrow or the next day ( & we are planning to have the actual mod release available sometime next week. This project will feature...
  • Hilts Packs: The best hilts for JK2. These have gone through Cool Mods standards, meaning sword hilts blades do not exceed the actual blade length, all blades are in the exact same position, etc; etc. The hilts that do not pass standards such as the Binford Chainsaw hilt & the Schwartz hilt, go in the Non-Standard Hilts pack. Explanations of why each hilt does not pass standards is given in the credits section of the Cool Mods manual. A promotional screenshot for the Cool Mods hilts can be viewed here (283kb)
  • Skins Pack A: Over 200 skins in 1 pack. These not only have more sounds, more skins, full bot support, & tons & tons of fixes, but it also takes up 2/3s less disk space as well! A promotional screenshot for Cool Mods: Skins Pack A can be viewed here (428kb) A promotional screenshot for Cool Mods: Alternate Red Dash can be viewed here (133kb)
  • Installers: No zip files here people. If you already have a hilt or skin that is included in any of these packs, the installer shall prompt you to move them to a sub-folder in your "base" folder so there are no duplicate models or skins.
Forums List: You can get more information about the controversy regarding Duelers & Cool Mods, as well as leave commentary on either projects or the latest happenings between Marker0077 & Lee Oattes. GamingForums ( LucasForums ( DarkSide with DarkStats Forums Clan ICoP Forums Clan +POO+ Forums This will also be up in the Sith Vikings Forums once they are back up. Those forums are at
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