JK2 March 6-Year Anniversary!

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[i]User-submitted news, submitted by Syyrax. To submit your own news piece, please check our [url=http://jediknight3.filefront.com/news/submit]Submit News[/url] link.[/i] It looks like someone's been paying attention and doing their research! Let's all join together to wish Jedi Outcast a happy birthday -- it turns 6 this month![quote]Well, well.. Can you believe that JK2 has survived for 6 long years? The other week, I found out that around the range of March 26th to March 29th, It would be the 6 year anniversary of the game we all have come to love: Jedi Outcast. Now your probably thinking to yourself, ''Nobody really plays this game anymore.' Ah, but you are wrong. Jedi Outcast is STILL holding on after 6 years, and hopefully it can continue to survive in years to come. I've always enjoyed celebrating the anniversary of JK2, because I usually play it all day with my friends. I'm sure some of you do this as well, because you don't wanna miss the anniversary of such a great game right? Anyways, why don't all of you give yourselves a pat on the back for keeping Jedi Outcast alive for 6 years, and share your memories with all your friends. Let's keep JK2 alive for as long as we can, and continue to celebrate such an important event.[/quote]
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