JK2 Master Server downtime Alert! (the real one ;))

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Last week I posted the downtime alert, turns out it didn't happen last Saturday but is now scheduled for this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow!!!). This is what Kenn Hoekstra says in his .plan update: [quote] Our master servers for Elite Force and Jedi Outcast will be out tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 9am CST to approximately 1pm, depending on how our network maintenance goes. Just so you know. Originally it was slated for last week Saturday, but had to be delayed.[/quote] Also, he has said the following (regarding saber blocking and the 1.03 patch): [quote]For those of you unhappy with the increased saber blocking in CTF and FFA modes in the 1.03 patch for Jedi Outcast, you can turn off the changes by setting the CVAR g_saberTraceSaberFirst to "0" in your server configs. Setting this to "1" = More Blocking, "0" = Less Blocking. It defaults to "1" in 1.03.[/quote] So make sure you remember.. Downtime Alert : Tomorrow!! Once again, time conversions :): EST - 11:00am onwards GMT - 4:00pm onwards (if those conversions are wrong, let me know :D)
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