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Published by Zach 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[b]JK2/JK3Files Looking for File Reviewers![/b] JKFiles is once again looking for dedicated volunteers to be file reviewers. We are looking for reviewers experienced in many fields of JK Editing. Before you jump up and shout "pick me!" there are a few requirements we need to mention for this position: -You should preferably have modding experience in the Quake3 engine, preferably in Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy ([u][b]not required[/b][/u], so don't feel like you can't apply if you don't!) -You must have [b]both[/b] JK2 (Jedi Outcast) and JK3 (Jedi Academy). -You must be able to critically analyze a mod (skin, model, map, etc). -You must be able to write in legible English. -You should be able to dedicate enough time to review a weekly average of 4 to 7 reviews per week. More would be great, but we know reviews take a bit of time, so we're not asking for any insane amount of reviews. -You must be available for a one-on-one interview with us, preferably over MSN Messenger. We can work something out if you don't have MSN Messenger. -There is no age restriction, however you must be mature enough to handle yourself in a professional manner, both in your reviews and as a member of the network. A couple of things to remember when reviewing: be honest. Don't be mean, but be honest. Point out both the strong points and the weak points, and if there are some weak points give suggestions for improvement. The interview can be at any time we are available. You can make your application via the [url=http://jediknight2.filefront.com/info/volunteer]JKFiles Application page[/url] (make sure to note that you are applying for the reviewer position), though for the sake of ease we would suggest just applying to us personally via MSN or AIM. We will be choosing one or two people to fill this position. We can not yet set a date when the personal will be announced, but be sure to apply as soon as possible. [b]NOTE: Please do not apply if you can not dedicate yourself to the position. If you can not complete the weekly 4 to 7 reviews, do not apply.[/b] [b]Contact Information[/b]: Inyri Forge E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] - do not send e-mail here! AIM: JadesFire777 (PM me at the forums first if you require correspondence via AIM) ICQ: 139063413 (PM me at the forums first if you require correspondence via ICQ) Zach E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] AIM: avatarasm (PM me at the forums first if you require correspondence via AIM) We look forward to hearing from all applicants!
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