Legacy RP looking for some new members!

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[i]User-submitted news, submitted by [b]Frogzilla[/b]. To submit your own news piece, please check our [url="/news/submit"]Submit News[/url] link.[/i] Another RP server is up and looking for members! Check it out.[quote]Time for some good ol' Forcemod III! Hey all, I'm John, or on this website, Frogzilla, (people call me froggy but nevermind) back onto topic. This server has been around for a long time, and I mean, LOOOOONG TIME. .:Legacy-RP:. was once a Lugormod server called [Sith Order] RPG. It was a lugormod server for aaabout... 3 years I think. But now its a Forcemod III Server, the website is here: www.legacy-rp.net It's ran by Kel, no not Kel'Thuzard from Warcraft, just Kel!! Kel, I SAID IT'S Kel!! KEL!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy it there. ~Froggy.[/quote]
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