LotR Skin Pack nearing completetion!

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Timothy Underbakke emailed with an update on the LotR skin pack... ooooo what an update :D [quote]I am part of a team that has a rather large LOTR project coming to jk2files.com soon (how soon depends on how fast we can get the last things finished). Whe I said large, I mean very large. We have 11 skins completed and are starting some weaopns (Sting among them.) This is for multiplayer, so it is not a TC. Also, there will be JediMod versions of the new sabers (Sting, etc.). These are the confirmed skins I am allowed to reveal: Strider (Aragorn), a new ringwraith (with literally ALL new textures), Legolas, and a few Two Towers preview skins (not telling who). Who the others are--wait for the release. P.S.-Since it is so large, we are dividing it in (currently) 5 parts--4 skin packs and a weapons pack. That is to have mercy on those w/ 56k so they can have the pack too. -Tim 'the Geek' Underbakke[/quote] I hope it includes some new models, though it dosen't say. Either way this definitely has my attention especially with me being such an LotR freak :D.. can't wait
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