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Published by Astyanax 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Just so everyone knows I am only accepting people who are really in this scene & have done this kind of work in the past (being models/skins &/or sounds), or that I think is capable of handling this job. If I have PM'ed or emailed you to this post then I obviously think you are qualified to take on this project. I've worked hard on this & I am really bummed about not being able to finish it (such is life), so I am only going to hand over the Duelers add-on assets to people I think are qualified. I took all the best models & skins off of the net, over 350MBs worth & I not only got it down to 120 MBs, it does everything it did before, it has tons of fixes, it has new skins, & it has some new sounds as well. I was planning on doing ALOT more sounds (as I source a ton of sounds right from the SW movies & other movies as well) but I have come into some complications in my personal life which is making it so that I will be unable to finish this part of the Duelers project & I would hate to see this go to waste, so I wanted to know if anyone was interested in continuing this work, not as part of the Duelers project, just as a "model pack" project standalone, it would be in 2 to 3 packs roughly around 60 megs each. You can feel free to maybe make it 3 40 meg packs, but that would be your call, I've just done some VERY impressive work on this thing & it would be a shame to not get it out to the community. I re-organized everything in a variety of ways & alot of the models have new skins. Most models do not have the textures in the actual model itself, so I had to rename the folder of alot of these models due to the fact if someone had the original skin & didnt have the new model packs skin, they would just get a white & grey textured model which look crap. One of the other ways I was able to cut the filesize down was, all sounds were converted into mono format (as they should be, the game makes them stereo sound, the additional sound channel is not necessary & is a waste space & probably doesn't even get used), but I haven't been able to completely finish the sounds portion yet. The add-ons part of the duelers project was consuming so much of my time that I had to stop this & start working on the actual Duelers Full project itself, now more than ever. I was also planning on doing better bot support, including bot support for those that didn't originally have them, & also correct bot emotional attachments, like Luke should have emotional attachements to Jacen, Anakin, & Jaina Solo as he is their uncle. Luke from ANH or ESB wouldn't have any emotional attachments to Vader, but RotJ Luke would, etc; etc. I have a variety of sounds as well as some other assets, I was planning on doing some actual dash rendar sounds to go with dash, I did some Aayla Secura sounds (which were sourced from JK1: MotS), & I would be sending ALL of these assets to whomever would be taking on this project. The Dash Rendar sounds i would have to do myself, but perhaps The Raitenks would be willing to get us the sounds he's already sourced. If not I can always source them myself, I have no problem with spending 1 night extracting all of the sounds from SotE to get the Dash Rendar sounds, then someone else can edit the sounds for player model usage. If anyone is interested in doing this project DO NOT PM ME PLEASE, again email me at [email protected] Thanks for your time either way folks. Marker0077
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