Models spotted in the making for JK2!

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Over at the PolyCount forums there are a lot of JK2 model previews! Thought I'd give you all a quick list of them so you know what all is being made :D [list][*]Kit Fisto - Episode II by Toonces - The screenies look realllllly good! Definitely check this one out! [*]A Bounty Hunter by SpaceMonkey - Kinda looks like Kit Fisto, but he isn't :D Again excellent screenies, the details on it are nice! [*]Anakin Skywalker by Vahl - No skinned Anakin this time, this is the real thing ;) Cool screenies! (Early versions of the skin are shown too) [*]A Bounty Hunter by BradFu - Another generic bounty hunter in a ninja style theme. Head shots only, and some skinning shots too. [*]Ki-Adi Mundi by Psyk0sith - shown with the skin by Grafox, another fine addition to the growing Jedi Council :D [*]Moose's model by Moose - I'm not sure what exactly this model is other than it's all moose's idea. Coming from an original concept I have to say it looks great! (note: it's not really called 'Moose's model' ;) I'm just putting that till I know what it is)[/list] And there you have it :D Today we had some model releases too incase you missed them! Clonetroopers by KapnKeg Rx-178 Mark II Gundam by Gemini Royal Guard MP by Team Guard
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