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[quote]The Cloned Sith SP Campaign MOD project Hi all, Ok, so, hum... I'm not very good at this, so, here goes nothing: I have been working on a Single Player Campaign Mod. For those who do not know what it is, a campaign is a set of maps, one after the other, creating a story, like the official Single Player Game of JK2. Hopefully, I do not plan to make it as long, hehe, it will only be around 10 maps. However, I cannot do this alone. I have already done the first two maps, and a part of the third one, but they still need more work. And there are also some things I don't know how to make. So, I am asking for your help. If you want more Info about the MOD, then go to: I people to help me in the following areas: Mapping ---- I can't map everything! it'll take too long! Modeling ---- Can't find the tools, and I have never modeled before. Skinning ---- Goes with Modeling I suppose! ;-) Scripting ---- A scripter!!! please!!! Beta testers -- Naturally, lol! Voices ------- Well, a game with just text is boring, isn't it? That's it! People who help will get their names up in the "end of game cinematic", don't worry. I helped in a mod once, the mod got published, and was f***d, the guy said he did it! Disgusting, no? Ok, so, anyone willing to help me with this project is welcomed to do so. Email me at: [email protected] and tell me what you can do. I hope to get this mod up soon, so, hurry up n' help me! :-) DarkTemplar270486 / [JNO]Dark_Templar[/quote]
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