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It has come to my attention over the last few days that the last couple of PotDs have been taken not from JK2 or JK3, but from Gary's Mod (HL2). This is not acceptable for several reasons, but the big one is that the majority of these models are [i]ported[/i] and are considered illegal. We do not display PotDs with illegal content, and any Gary's Mod image displaying Star Wars content is considered thus. Therefor any users found to be submitting Gary's Mod images to our PotD service will be warned and/or blacklisted from the PotD section. Our PotD section is meant to be a friendly service to all. By displaying images showing such behavior as porting between games it promotes the kind of behavior we are trying to avoid. Since we can't always tell the difference between an in-game shot and a Gary's Mod shot, we expect you to do the honorable thing and not submit them. And remember, if you [i]do[/i] try to sneak one past us, someone [i]will[/i] know that it's not a JK2/JK3 image and [i]will[/i] post it in the comments. And we will not be happy when we see that. Please keep this under advisement. Keep your PotDs related to JK2/JK3, Star Wars, or this website, and please keep them acceptable in accordance with the site rules. [b][i]The PotD has been changed. Please don't submit any more Gary's Mod images![/i][/b]
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