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Hey, You're probably all wondering why, so soon after a files backlog was created due to an unfortunate system error, that we haven't yet attempted to clear said backlog. In simple terms, for the past few years one quality JKFiles has held over the rest of the network is the staff's dedication to writing up reviews which pertain to the actual files in question, with as little generic content as possible, and tailored towards the specific scenarios. Due to an FTP error, we're currently incapable of retrieving and testing submitted files, and thus would not be able to provide any decent standard of review. We'd barely be able to give a brief description, since we simply can't get the files at all. This also brings up security issues - we can't check files for malicious content, nor can we enforce the submission policies under these conditions. Frankly, we'd rather temporarily give no service at all, than give a permanent half-assed standard of service, and thus we've elected to hold off on clearing the backlog until the FileFront technical staff have managed to resolve these errors. Yes, it's kind of stubborn, but after the hard work that went in to introducing standards of conduct for the site staff, it seems like an awful waste to devolve, regardless of circumstance. We'd be doing ourselves, our predecessors, and the community at whole a disservice by doing so. No ETA on this issue has yet been given to us, sadly this means I can't offer any predictions on when we'll resume normal files service. However, I'm closely monitoring lines of communication, and will endeavour to keep you all in-the-loop as much as humanly possible. Due to the suspension of file service, we're also stalling on File of the Week and Featured Files, and will instead run FotW and Featured Files on a half-weekly basis (Sunday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Sunday) for a while after the backlog is cleared to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at a slot. PotDs and news features will be running as normal, as will the weekly poll. However, several planned improvements to the site itself are on hold awaiting the resolution of these bugs. Despite the troubles across the network, everyone's doing the best they can on this end and I'd like to commend my colleagues for putting up such a stubborn and hearty fight against the Almighty Technical Glitches Of Doom(!). It's unfortunate that these issues have ultimately left us helpless in some respects, and I think I can honestly say on behalf of the JKFiles team that this is getting to us as much as it's probably getting to you. Let's all hope for a swift resolution so that things can get back to normal around here. On behalf of the JKFiles team, I apologise for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. Thanks, ~ Kouen
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