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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's been a long journey for the ShroomDuck Inc. Map Pack team, and we're almost there. The goal of this pack was to bring together a bunch of mapping-type-guys and get them to work together to create something more than the sum of it's own parts. The result is the "ShroomDuck Inc. Map Pack"... although really it should be called the "ShroomDuck, Kavu, lil binger, KaiStagon, Drahcir, rhiom, Sirhc, ook, blue, Nate Map Pack". I'll let you choose which sounds better. :)

We've had a lot of fun working on this project, and have focused on one thing before all other things: GAMEPLAY. Our goal is to promote the spirit of pure entertainment through a variety of themes, mapping styles, oddities and humour. The maps range from the first CTF version of Country Roads to a scary Haunted House to a destroyed version of the well known Bespin Streets. Some brand new maps showcase some great design skills like Puerto de Drahcir or The Outhouse, while others revive some old classics like "The New Bespin Fight Club" or "Mines of The Boognish".

Really though, we had a lot of fun working on this, and hope all you virtual Jedi out there will find something you'll enjoy here.Coming soon... the ShroomDuck Inc. Map Pack.

Lots of love,
Shroomy & Inc.

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