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If we were to conduct more developer interviews, would you read them?

I hardly read the news section as is! 34% (389)
Yeah, sure! 28.9% (331)
Maybe. 23.7% (272)
Nah. 13.2% (152)
Total: 1144
Start: 08-31-2008 15:46
Last: 09-07-2008 17:35

 #1 - Posted by: Bunuel (Member) on 08-31-2008 at 23:52

Yeah, sure!

 #2 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 09-01-2008 at 00:37

!erus ,haeY Meaning, sure, Yeah! or Yeah, sure!

 #3 - Posted by: Death_Knight_Killer (Member) on 09-01-2008 at 04:00

depends what it is so maybe

 #4 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 09-02-2008 at 05:02

Maybe, because I can't spend much time on one site, I got loads of things I must read and learn :borg:

 #5 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 09-04-2008 at 09:37

LOL! No one else understood the question! :lol:

 #6 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 09-05-2008 at 04:20

What to you mean by no one else???:confused: Maybe no comments there are. Maybe people bored got:mepimp: lol

 #7 - Posted by: A_L_I_E_N (Member) on 09-05-2008 at 23:03

Well, usually people post their views. At least 20 post on every poll... normally.

 #8 - Posted by: loveu2death (Member) on 09-06-2008 at 20:22

i wouldn't,cuzz it would be boring...lol

 #9 - Posted by: Mr.Funsocks (Staff) on 09-07-2008 at 10:20

If they were good developers, then yeah, I would.

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