Weekly Poll Results - If we were to hold another contest, should we...

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If we were to hold another contest, should we...

Have a mapping contest. 32.7% (386)

Have modeling contest. 30.2% (356)

Have a skinning contest. 17.3% (204)

Have a coding/scripting contest. 11.2% (133)

Have some other kind of contest. (Comment) 8.4% (99)

Total: 1178
Start: 10-25-2008 06:49
Last: 11-01-2008 07:07

 #1 - Posted by: MooMooMonkey (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 07:58
Well, we have yet to hold a skinning contest from what I've known, not to mention it's my very strongest side of modding... So, I'm very good at skinning, absolutely suck at modelling, so I should go with mapping! =_,O No, I'll go with the little bit of votes for skinning. =_=

 #2 - Other - Posted by: jamesp24 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 07:58
I think an animating contest would be good, because that's all I can really do.

 #3 - NOOOO - Posted by: NAB622 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 08:05
NOOOOOOO, why so few votes for coding!!!!! By far, you can get the BEST results from coding.........oh, such hilarious things I've seen done to JA. Oh well.

 #4 - Posted by: Jonny2199 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 08:11
How about a mapping contest with a custom (new) model as the centrepiece!

 #5 - BOTH! - Posted by: Dark_Diablos (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 08:47
Have a modelling AND skinning contest!

 #6 - Posted by: Darth_Trayus (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 10:30
Better idea, all in one! A MOD CONTEST!

 #7 - Posted by: Joker87 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 10:45
Yes, an all-out Mod contest. Winner gets a free server for an official mod server for a year or something.

 #8 - better one - Posted by: Bagi (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 10:53
A Total Conversion contest

 #9 - Posted by: Bunuel (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 10:56
Have a skinning contest.

 #10 - vehicle modeling - Posted by: swwar (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 11:33
i miss vehicles:'(

 #11 - Posted by: Darth_Awec (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 11:54
Vehicle/Player model contest. We don't get enough original Playermodels imo, and I don't actually remember the last time we got a vehicle model.

 #12 - Posted by: Chronicles (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 12:44
How about combine all of these and make a modding contest? At the end of deadline everyteam shall present their 1 level mission about their subject. It can also be a great incentive for all he mods out there. I seen naruto mod, harry potter mod, even dinosaur and normandy mod out there...

 #13 - Posted by: alias5 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 12:57
We should have rosh killing/rancor/look it's a monkey (wtf) potd contest _._

 #14 - #3 - Posted by: pandapop999 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 13:17
Coding or a full MP mod. maps and models are boring.

 #15 - YES!!! - Posted by: Nickd97 (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 14:31
MAPS R WINNING!!!! W00T! I love playing around on custom maps. The really well made ones are fun to use.

 #16 - Posted by: tmy2u (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 18:21
Models. That and Maps. Burn everything else, BURN!!! (and Rosh, too) Seriously. Models make the world go 'round, where would we be without them?

 #17 - Staff hilts - Posted by: Darth_Postal (Member) on 10-25-2008 at 23:49
I'd love to see a staff hilts modeling contest here. I have like 50+ single saber hilts in my base folder and only 6 staffs, because quality staff models are quite rare.

 #18 - Posted by: Cloud_3 (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 01:50
mapping contest... theres a lot of skins/models. (look on the front page, theres seven maps there, twenty one skins, eleven models, and six mods.) so i vote for mapping contest, and yes i do realise i just said something pretty useless.

 #19 - Posted by: Wundai (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 01:58
Agreed with jamesp24 :) Animating Contest!

 #20 - Posted by: Jedi_Walon (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 06:55
You should do a "who can make a Jedi that hasn't been done yet but was still im portant and lovely" contest.

 #21 - Posted by: awon_song (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 15:02
The JKA community could always use new models.

 #22 - Posted by: Unsunghero (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 15:28
If a modelling contest is chosen, I would definitly try my hand at a player model and vehicle to go along with them.

 #23 - Posted by: MrVampire (Member) on 10-27-2008 at 02:43
How about a contest for who can attract (and keep!) the most new players. That's what is realy needed at the moment, remember what the servers were like 2 years ago? Or how about a 5 year contest for who can keep a server going the longest? How about who can keep their server full of players? Now that would be a challenge, some admin might have to learn customer service for that one!. OK now I've had my say I'll vote for mapping contest. I think it gives the most exciting results.

 #24 - Movie - Posted by: bimon (Member) on 10-27-2008 at 04:07
A movie contest would be nice :D

 #25 - Mod - Posted by: ToughMan1 (Member) on 10-29-2008 at 04:02
Get a mod contest. FORCE UNLEASHED MOD CONTEST!! Yes, that would be awsome! Lets see who can "Unleash th Force". :D

 #26 - Posted by: gothicX (Member) on 10-29-2008 at 18:04
Make it a mapping contest, and I'll make a comeback.

 #27 - Posted by: Drink_meh (Member) on 10-29-2008 at 18:49
someone is already doing a force unleashed mod. its no secret and hasnt been since the game came out.

 #28 - Posted by: afcgrimm (Member) on 10-30-2008 at 12:53
A Reborn Skin contest.


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