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Late 2008 and this site still somehow breathes. What's your policy with visiting this site?

Passive - I vote on polls, check what's new, not much else. 43.1% (740)

Casual - I hang around a little bit, comment on files that need it. Y'know, just stop in. 19.5% (335)

Efficient - Get in, get out, move on. 18.5% (318)

JKPatrol - I. Live. On. This. Site. 9.5% (164)

Active - I pretty much read everything, comment often, and keep a good radar on it. 6.7% (116)

I have never visited JKfiles ever in my life. 2.4% (42)

Total: 1715
Start: 09-07-2008 17:43
Last: 09-15-2008 19:05

 #1 - Posted by: Myster_EEE (Member) on 09-07-2008 at 18:25
No, seriously... I've never been on this site before in my life. :rolleyes:

 #2 - Posted by: Averus_Retruthan (Staff) on 09-07-2008 at 23:35
I just put the last one to be a dumbass >_> and see if people actually got the cheap joke.

 #3 - Posted by: DK15 (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 03:16
How can you never have visited JKfiles? This IS JKFiles!

 #4 - Posted by: wolfish_person (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 04:27
lol... Casual for me.. though i try to submit files when i can ^_^

 #5 - Posted by: MarvelKid (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 05:48
I live here! lol...........this site is 1 of my top reasons for the marvel mod

 #6 - Posted by: Bunuel (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 09:14
I'm kinda active. ;P

 #7 - Posted by: Dark_Diablos (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 09:21
'I have never visited JKfiles ever in my life' Whut a silly option. - Active.

 #8 - Posted by: nizwiz (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 11:09
What is this jkfiles you speak of?

 #9 - Posted by: computernerd (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 12:24
I used to visit a lot but now I don;t like it anymore, sof2 files is better

 #10 - Posted by: Zedo_Mann (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 12:38
Casual/Passive for me, though I voted Casual. It seems like the longer I take looking for a file, the more I find to dl...

 #11 - Posted by: ragen45 (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 13:39
Efficient - things are getting boring around here, and since the admins have lately become increasingly unhelpful and the login/account system of FileFront is completely non-standard, I don't really like this site anymore.

 #12 - Posted by: agent_katarn (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 17:19
I think JKfiles should live forever and i visit every time on a computer. THIS IS JKFILLESS!*kicks n00bies into pit of death*:eek:

 #13 - RE: #11 - Posted by: Averus_Retruthan (Staff) on 09-08-2008 at 18:00
Being an asshole and trying to order me around on a subject I can't control doesn't make things any better on your end. I help out wherever I can, but I'm still human. Pretending I'm a genie doesn't cut it for me. To clarify, I'm willing to accept name request changes and have them processed for you(seeing as I have NO control over that,) but I will NOT accept crap from arrogant snotnosed kids (and Ragen45, I don't care how old you are/were at the time, you came off to me in that manner and as such were treated like one.)

 #14 - Posted by: Mikouen (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 01:56
"I have never visited JKfiles ever in my life."

 #15 - Posted by: Caelum (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 06:30
"I have never visited JKfiles ever in my life." just because you thought up such a nifty comment ;)

 #16 - Posted by: Anakin12 (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 07:15
Passive-Check Polls,POTD that's it

 #17 - Posted by: Darth_Skywalker (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 13:29
dailyish 2 min check for me, although i must admit, this site has gone on for a patiantly long time over a dying game

 #18 - Just a suggestion............ - Posted by: LordByron (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 16:02
Do you Know what I think Averus, I think for one day the site should be disabled, however unbearable that may be for myself and others it may weed out several ungrateful folks who whine and complain about something as trivial as potd's which by the way are an interesting escape from the day to day monotony. just a thought, may work may not. Eureka yet another epiphany, you could ban certain members for an allotted time for flaming the staff which in essence is what they have been doing . After only two year visiting this great website I've been observing some outlandish behavior , and I tell you what people these days. Anyways, the poll today is a great idea. I honestly hope that if people are still modding for this game years from now, (which I will be providing the game works on whatever os's are out there.) there will always be a need for this site, and much gratitude to staff , moderators, and the like past ,present and future. The end . Thanks yall. :cool:

 #19 - Posted by: LordByron (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 16:29
Sorry for the double posting, but I am sure you guys are aware of such things, i was just thinking out loud. thanks again.

 #20 - Posted by: B3n (Member) on 09-09-2008 at 16:43
Efficiency is my middle name. Sort of.

 #21 - ... - Posted by: Sniper_Shot (Member) on 09-10-2008 at 08:05
I'm on enough to know we already had this poll...

 #22 - RE: #21 - Posted by: Averus_Retruthan (Staff) on 09-10-2008 at 09:51
Yes, back when the game was in its prime activity. These kinds of polls don't go out of style that fast, friend >_>

 #23 - no - Posted by: Sniper_Shot (Member) on 09-10-2008 at 22:07
No I' meant that this poll was already over with this week. It was on a day or two was changed and then came back on. Or did I just go through another temporal flux Phenomena??? And if that's that cause why am I asking you? You people wouldn't know the difference between a temporal flux and a spacial disruption.. In that case why am I even still talking at all??? well Whatever long story short poll has been done before, why, when, and where are irrelevant.

 #24 - RE: #23 - Posted by: Averus_Retruthan (Staff) on 09-11-2008 at 09:19
._. Wow, and I thought I was a spaz. I'm hiding your weed, friend. However, this isn't to say you aren't correct. Roughly a year ago, a poll similar to this showed up on JKFiles, save for it was asking how often. [b]MY[/b] poll is asking how in depth your average member checks this site. Whilst previous regimes tended just to put polls up for the sake of doing the job, I'm also doing research here =_,= And by the way, I'm aware of what Temporal Flux and Spacial Disruptions are.

 #25 - Posted by: Dean_Winchester (Member) on 09-11-2008 at 11:38
... crap sniper_shot and averus just did my weird-smart-odd-funny-jacksparrowey-long-nearly-unnitelligeble-sentances-of-nonsense for me!

 #26 - Posted by: Dean_Winchester (Member) on 09-11-2008 at 11:41
and i also know the difference between a temporal flux and a spacial disruption, but answer me what the 1st dimension is 2 dimension is flat 3 dimensional is well... 3-D 4th dimension is time 1 dimension is? i know the answer, do you?

 #27 - Posted by: computernerd (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 10:42
1st dimension definition: A body in the first dimension may be represented by a straight line. One may imagine that a point when engulfs infinite number of other points (it may be noted here that each and every Zero Dimensional point are exactly the same in appearance and other characteristics excepting their locations) in a particular direction, it forms a straight line. The motion of a straight line segment, which if imagined to be lying across from south to north, can only be from north to south or vice-versa. It can never turn to neither its right side nor to its left. A straight line has no area or volume. Hence like a point, it also cannot be drawn, but only located, and it also has no mass as it occupies no volume.

 #28 - Posted by: Jedi_Man (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 14:04
yesh yesh passive!! ..... i wonder how long are we gonna go on with polls like this..? but i hope they will not die!!

 #29 - OK now i'm really getting confused - Posted by: Sniper_Shot (Member) on 09-14-2008 at 14:58
Ok now I'm really wondering who's using space/time bending tech on me. this is like the third time the poll has changed and gone back... Seriously nobody else has any idea of what I'm talking about??? Flip First the flipping phone calls now this... And trust me you DON'T want to know about the phone calls... Whoever you are stop messing with my head!!!...Please...

 #30 - Posted by: Fernando_Mubarac (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 13:19
1671 people voted on this poll... ...And you say it's "still breathing"?

 #31 - Posted by: mynamescalum (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 14:25
Wonderful website, always has been, always will.

 #32 - Posted by: Hell_Master7 (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 17:59
I LIVE on the site... at other times im Efficent. :donut:


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