Weekly Poll Results - What do you have the most of in your base folder?

By The_Crazy_Assassin 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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What do you have the most of in your base folder?

Skins/Player models 45.9% (774)

Maps 28.9% (488)

Weapons 6.2% (105)

I run with an empty base. 4.5% (76)

NPC mods 3.9% (66)

Models (objects, not player/weapon models) 3.2% (54)

Scripts (!) 2.7% (46)

Other! 2.6% (44)

GFX mods (hud, console, etc) 1.8% (32)

Total: 1685
Start: 02-28-2009 10:19
Last: 03-07-2009 15:53

 #1 - Mods - Posted by: Veanom (Member) on 02-28-2009 at 13:24
Why full conversion mods isn't a option to vote.

 #2 - Posted by: dontstopme (Member) on 02-28-2009 at 14:16
Or Sp and/or Multiplayer mods........

 #3 - Posted by: Jose_Carlos (Member) on 02-28-2009 at 14:53
Cause they don't go in base. One would think it'd be obvious, with the poll asking about what you have in your base folder and all that. That, or I'm just a genius beyond human capabilities and my holmesian deduction is simply a result of my quite frankly magnificent intelligence deciding to use a fraction of its potential and throw you puny mortals a friggin bone.

 #4 - About as much of everything - Posted by: Caelum (Member) on 02-28-2009 at 16:00
Got a truckload of overrides, got a lot of maps, got quite some skins... I have 120+ pk3's in my base folder, in fact.

 #5 - Posted by: dynablade223 (Member) on 03-01-2009 at 01:44
Other - i have the Playstation and super nintendo emulator folders in my base folder for some reason.

 #6 - Posted by: The_Crazy_Assassin (Staff) on 03-01-2009 at 09:38
Jose, it is unwise to throw the hungry dog a bone. 1. Bones don't satisfy hunger. 2. There is a distinct lack of reason, therefore the dog will want more bones, more often, for no reason at all. :p

 #7 - Posted by: masscus (Member) on 03-01-2009 at 15:29
a mixture of everything for me..., i lol when i saw #5, i did exacly the same a few years ago

 #8 - Posted by: Chronicles (Member) on 03-01-2009 at 20:39
My base folder is cluttered with lots of Chronicles mod folders, WIP maps, missions, models.... I have mods in there which i dont want in gamedata folder..

 #9 - Posted by: MooMooMonkey (Member) on 03-02-2009 at 09:17
My base is usually only slightly used with a few .pk3s that I keep textures in for my maps or player skins I'm working on. That's about it, after testing a map out, I delete it. Only sometimes do I just move them into a folder on my desktop to keep loading time down for my game (because my computer likes to go slow at certain loading points or when playing sounds).

 #10 - Posted by: Fleamonji (Member) on 03-02-2009 at 09:43
I have around 400 things in base.

 #11 - Posted by: edeholland (Member) on 03-02-2009 at 10:39
I cleaned up the mess a while ago because of an error, so now I've got about 20 things including some folders with extracted efx things. I've now got more scripts than other things but I tend to move things away when I'm not using them, and I sometimes combine mods to make it look tidier.

 #12 - Posted by: DajSilent (Member) on 03-02-2009 at 23:12
efx mod, maps, jedi customization, sith customization, hs dooku, youngling skin. thatd be it! :o

 #13 - Posted by: DARK_OPI_WAHN (Member) on 03-03-2009 at 12:30
I had a few hundred mods in my base but since i play base esl ive got only scripts and maps in my base

 #14 - Posted by: rattler20200 (Member) on 03-06-2009 at 17:32
Saber hilts, weapon replacements, maps, character models and skins, even a saber blade mod. So I got a mix of stuff.

 #15 - Posted by: Darth_Vulcher (Member) on 03-07-2009 at 10:15
i had so many skins, i put them all in a backup folder, and now base is almost fll again of wepons skins and the shroomduck inc maps!! Im gonna need a nother folder!!


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