Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
Sound and Music

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Jedi Outcast Music JukeBox XorKaya 4KB 2,726
Confrontation with Count Dooku Snowfire 4.27MB 2,598
Scorpion Pull [DFC] JediAtreyu 11KB 1,018
Sith Saber Sound Dan Paku 19KB 3,119
darth_maul_sabersound DarkXypher 77KB 3,212
Sounds for Imperial vs. Rebel conversion Phillio 4.92MB 1,209
Samsagaz´s Saber Sounds Samsagaz 633KB 3,024
Into the Fire Count Dooku 4MB 365
Luke Skywalker taunts DoF_BlackWolf 291KB 1,619
Luke's Taunt Orbital 23KB 542
Real Lightsaber Sound Patch Oddra - Mhur Tholk 2.06MB 4,337
coolsabersounds young Obi-Wan 260KB 2,692
Generic_SFX/GFX for Lord Hatrus' Models Psycho Mantis 108KB 411
Shotgun Sounds For Lord Hatrus Shotguns Psycho Mantis 63KB 379
Sexy Enhanced Sounds DJC Sexy Debs 132KB 2,304
Jango Fett's Blaster Sound Fx Quigon007 252KB 2,236
Cinematic Saber and Weapons SFX Patrick 1.81MB 8,899
Sounderist StarWars 671KB 455
Pyscho's Saber Sounds Psycho Mantis 875KB 479
Cool Saber Sounds young Obi-Wan 441KB 10,656
Lord Hatru's' blaster Sound Replacements Psycho Mantis 108KB 265
Xalius Xtreme Saber Sounds Master_Xalius 980KB 563
Jango's Blaster Sound Master_Xalius 6KB 981
Geonosis Saber Sounds Liquid Schwartz 1.26MB 2,750
New Lando Taunts Expert 704KB 311
Sounds Remix Aidy 1.46MB 128
Dark Saberon DarkXypher 42KB 418
Matrix Burly Brawl Lord Griever 3.36MB 1,869
-Battle Of Endor Duel Music- Xrystral / Darth PoonTang 1.52MB 1,389
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - The Black Rider -=SotG=-Kensai 1.18MB 1,127
Darth Vader Vs. Luke Skywalker Duel Music RithRamier 1.63MB 4,074
Futuristic Saber Sounds v1.0 WelshFromUK 700KB 584
Duel Action Tysplo 625KB 570
Original Duel Music Chrono 2.54MB 324
Kick Muck Monsquaz 3.63MB 110
Techno Duel Of The Fates Duel Music Sword Master 3.72MB 2,106
Argon GooseBubble 2.45MB 127
Jedi Battlefield Duel Music Krethfyre 3.47MB 478
Single Player Sound Conversion ]TSs[HavoK]JM[ 1.84MB 190
Futuristic Saber Sounds WelshFromUK 2.97MB 741
SP Sounds v2.0 Pat Whalen 1.85MB 551
REAL Sounds neo_mp5 765KB 1,285