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Professor Smith: To day class we will be delving into thewhat not to do’s of skinning. Also today’s example will be provided by your fell...


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Professor Smith: To day class we will be delving into thewhat not to do’s of skinning. Also today’s example will be provided by your fellow pupil [A-Team]Paintdark. Now Paintdark could you please explain, in your own words what you have done on this skin.

Paintdark: Yes sir, Well I took the Obi Wan Ep 1 model, and started to reskin it. I changed the robes to a blue colour, painted the hair, blond and added a few tattoos as well as some embroidered light saber symbols into the clothing, as well as some text, to identify it as a [A-Team] clan skin. In addaition to this I also took advantage of the models robe, and created a second version of the skin with a robe, again, with some text and light saber symbol.

Professor Smith: Good, Good, sounds like a lot of work, tell me did u add new sounds, team support and bot support?

Paintdark: Yes I added Team support, but not Bot Support, although I did decided to use the Jedi_m sounds.

Professor Smith: So class I think you should all agree that, without looking at the skin, it sounds like Paintdark did a pretty good job. Now let’s look at the skin in question.

*drum roll* *grand unveiling* *gasps*

Would anybody like to comment? Yes u there.

John: Well sir, a lot of the detail seems to just be slapped on top, of the original textures, and it doesn’t look good, also the Clan’s name spoils the effect, just like on most clan skins, it looks awful.

Professor Smith: Mmmmm… any body else?

Jane: Well sir hardly any of the new additions seem to blend with existing textures so they actually look like they fit there, even the tattoo’s, this is probably one of the worst skins that I have seen, Paintdark has shown he can blend images, so why hasn’t he? He’s also found a way to add Z-Fighting to the skin, which is realy not a good look, even if it is extremely hard to do.

Robert: Can I also say that clan logo’s and indicators should realy be added to skin’s tactfully, ie small and don’t distract from the skin, that way it makes them more appealing to others, unlike theses horrible clan skins that are submitted to public sites but have no appeal to any one not in the clan.

Professor Smith: Some very good comments there class lets hope you all take them away and see what u can change to your own skins, class Dismissed

~ Wolf

Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Not Realy Bot Support: Nope

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Download 'ateamm.zip' (1.14MB)


Title             : [A-Team] Male Clanskin
Author            : [A-Team]Paintdark
E-Mail            : paintdark@web.de    or   Black-Pointdark@web.de

File Name         : ateam_m.zip
File Size         : about 1.2 mb
Date Released     : 10.03.04 (ger.)    or 03/10/04

Description       : A-Team m is a skin with new sounds and new textures. It has also a default and 
                    a default_robed skin. Team Colours are alos included (red and blue have 
                    a robe skin, too)
                    it has a blue/red Torso and yellow hair.

                    THIS i only a skin made for using it on the internet, so it has !NO! Bot support
Installation      : Just put the ateam_m.pk3 file into your Gamedata/base folder of Jk2 and
Uninstallation    : Just remove the pk3 file from your Gamedata/base folder 

Thanks to         : Raven and Lucasarts>>>>>>>great game>>>>>>>


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