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Ok first off all I can say is wow I am really impressed with this map. Reflex did an amazing job on this clan map it has a lot of cool stuff...


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Ok first off all I can say is wow I am really impressed with this map. Reflex did an amazing job on this clan map it has a lot of cool stuff thrown around in the map there is a bunch of imperial suits right where a transporter is. The map is huge and perfect for FFAs and awesome all together. There are billions of rooms I got lost a few times while running around looking at all the textures and details. It is a good-looking map with all the textures my average fps was from 60-80 around the whole map. There are many elevators that go really really slow so it might take u like 30 seconds to get onto the very top. There is all kinds of rooms there is one room that is all bamboo and you have to duel in small areas, which in my opinion really sucks. There is no new music because Reflex wanted to make it so you can choose your own music he even said how you should do it, isn’t that nice of him :). Another thing I liked was all the doors; there were glass doors, normal doors, giant doors, and transporting doors. There is even a hanger with X-Wings and one other type of ship that the word isn’t coming to my mind at the moment. There is a cemetery for either all the members that have quit that clan or just wanted to be recognized not sure which though.

There was amazing detail around the whole map and the best part was new textures! There was a bar too with one pool table, a bunch of tables, and of course beer :). Now kids don’t go near the beer, but go play pool ;). There were many areas to duel and FFA and there was a place just for the council how sweet :). I tried to get bots on it and for some strange reason it just kept restarting the map :(. The map is beautiful compared to some maps. One thing I like about this map is its simple enough that it’s really fun. There were no glitches that I was able to see all the textures were included there were no things that you could walk right through a wall and so on. The map had some great things in it and because of that you would think that the fps would be horrible and thank god it wasn't.

Overall Reflex really proved he is a really good mapper. He made the level perfect because he didn’t put tons of things in it that might lag the heck out of you and then he made the place huge. I could not find any secret areas, but I bet there are some in the map. One thing I really liked was that he brought out details and in the main ffa room there were a bunch of boxes and it reminded me so much of that video of a remix of an Elvis song where they are in those boxes dancing. Back to the point, this map had almost everything a map could use except for the bot support and no new music. This map should be given a shot for all you Aussie people :) and also the non-aussie :). I really like this map and might try to get it onto my clan server, so I suggest all of you give this map a shot because personally it’s a pretty cool map. Good Job Reflex I can’t wait to see more work from you on JK3/ JKA.


New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Game Types: FFA Bot Support: No

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Download 'aaw_clan_map2.zip' (3.82MB)


Title			: AAW Official Map (V2)- This replaces (V1) and is final.
Author			: Reflex
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Logo design		: Sether
Website			: http://www.avidgamers.com/The_AAW/

File Name		: ffa_aaw2.pk3
File Size		: 3.81 Mb
Date Released		: 16-AUGUST-2003

Description		: Official MP map of the Ancient Aussie Warriors

Additional Information	:This map is compatible with FFA. No bots routes were included.

* Play Information * 

New Sounds : NO (Took out song from V1)
New Textures: YES

* How to install * 

Just put the ffa_aaw.pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

If you want music, replace the file sounds/ffa_aaw2/aaw201.mp3 using Pakscape. Make sure to rename it to aaw201.mp3.
Add your favourite music!

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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