Agent Katarn's Dark Forces 2: Kyle Katarn



better idea about how Kyle looks both in-game and in-cutscene. After passing much scrutiny, I can understand why you can't think of where to proceed next, mister Agent. You've pretty much nailed everything you can in terms of detail. There's nothing visual I can really suggest, since the only way to push it further would be to alter the Katarn model, which I'm guessing is not in your to-do list.The only thing I can suggest now is to gun it. Add some JK1 sounds and wrap up this project once and for all, eh? Actually, better idea: Make a replaceable version and a non-replaceable version WITH JK1 sounds, so people have a choice. That should finish things off nicely. Oh, and team skins wouldn't hurt neither.I've done what I can. You wee lads pitch in some suggestions so Agent Katarn can finally give you guys the ultimate piece of Kyle darkness.Bot Support: NayNew Sounds: NayTeam Support: Nay - Averus Retruthan


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