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This is a animation update mod by Aidy. Moves like the kick-flip, the wall-run flip, and the 5 saber style idles have been replaced with oth...


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This is a animation update mod by Aidy. Moves like the kick-flip, the wall-run flip, and the 5 saber style idles have been replaced with other animations. The flips are based on 360° or more spins, while the saber styles have a much looser and more open defense stance.

Personally, I enjoyed this mod greatly. The spin move when you flip off the wall during a wall run is a bit hard to control but looks so cool regardless. And the red (strong) saber style idle is not one animation frame, but several, so you swing the saber in an arc first. You will need a mod like JediPlus for this to work, so download both and let the bodies fly.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. New animations, solid work, and clever idea.

Cons: 1. Some animations are dificult to control where you go; not fun on a Nar Shaddaa map or others like it.

Rating: 9/10

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Creator: Aidy


A small mod to change saber stances and other animations.

In version 2 I've changed the kick animation a little, so it isn't so fast
and has fewer frames.  IMO it looks a lot better this way.

I've also changed the force jump back sommersault bit.  (Hld jump then tap backwards)
You probably won't see this happen that often.

There is also an "off the wall" animation changed (can't remember if was in 1st version,
and if it was then it only worked when kicking off to the left)  If you start a wall run then 
press jump+opposite direction of wall straight away you should see this animation, 
its a kinda Horisontal spin thing, but it doesn't actually replace the "Kick off" so it don't 
look silly when you side kick off a player or a wall for that matter.

Nothing too great but a change from the normal I think.

Also included is the qvm file from the jedimoves20.pk3 
made by Master D-Ley Amas.  Below is his readme:

"Description : *All saber styles are now infinitely chainable (in multiplayer
only), giving medium style back it's advantage and giving strong 
style an added edge.
*The dual-bladed saber can now be activated without using cheats
in multiplayer, just type "thedestroyer" into the console at any
time, or bind it to a key - ex. "bind z thedestroyer", Z being
the key you want to use to activate the dual blade.
*Dismemberment is now enabled in multiplayer (with the v1.04 code)
to enable, type:
g_dismember 100
cg_dismember 100
into the console (must be enabled on server to work)
(this only needs to be set once)
*The moves that have been altered-
-roll forward, left, or right: cartwheel
-roll backward: butterfly
-jump: force jump style instead of pansy normal one
-fast saber style: replaced with one-handed (Tavion) style
-strong saber style: replaced with one-handed (Desann) style
-backstab: all saber styles now do backstab instead of swing back
-walk: now walks with saber raised, for effect while dueling
-getup: instead of struggling off of the ground, you "force" getup

Comments : I hope everyone likes this new version, as it was quite 
a feat on my behalf. I have never looked at (or compiled, 
for that matter) game source code before I made this mod.
For anyone who's wondering, the regular, two-handed saber
styles are in the same slots as the one-handeds used to be, so
Tavion and Desann now fight two-handed.
The reason why saber styles are only infinitely chainable in
multiplayer is because Raven has only released the source code
for multiplayer, not single player. Until this happens, saber
styles will only be infinitely chainable in multiplayer.

Additional Thanks : -Thanks to Tim Layton from for help on the 
coding. I couldn't have made the saber styles chain without him.
-To those who have volunteered to beta test this mod
-To all of you who have written me with contructive feedback, 
please continue to do so :)"


For some reason on my PC putting the pk3 in base don't do jack,
it may, however work for you. 
Instead, I put it in my mod folders (omni&jediplus)
and it works fine when playing a mod game.


I admit that the "kick" animation looks TOTALY stupid when done
off a wall... But, if used off the face of another player it
looks bleeding great ;)

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