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Any skinner will tell you that one of the hardest things to reskin is the face. It always comes out looking like the model it's based on, r...


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Any skinner will tell you that one of the hardest things to reskin is the face. It always comes out looking like the model it's based on, rather than something new. In fact, the Han Solo model is one of the most difficult models to reskin, because Harrison Ford's big nose is just too darn distinctive to reskin well and not make it look just like Han.

At least that's what I thought. Then I saw this new skin by jp-30.

His first smart move was by choosing a character that's in the Solo family, so that any resemblance to Harrison Ford would still be legitimate. But even so, this skin still looks VERY different. The outfit is kind of a bodysuit, and the new face has a very intent look on it.

I love this work. The only complaint I have is that his suit looks almost a little Star Trek-ish to me, but I might be reaching. If jp-30 had given him sounds I think this would be pretty much perfect. GREAT work!

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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== File Info ====================================================================

Title                   : Anakin Solo
Filename                : anakinsolo.pk3
Author                  : jp-30
E-Mail Address          :
Website                 : The Games Forum - 

Description		: Anakin Solo, the teenage son of Han & Leia according to the EU literature. For a profile on the character and the image used as inspiration for the skin's design visit;

This is a reskin of Major Clod's excellent Han Solo model that can be downloaded here (and at all the other usual JO file sites);

Many of the textures were recoloured, tweaked & rearranged versions of Raven ones that came with the game, with a few brand new textures thrown in for good measure - the face was where I spent most of my time. It's built from scratch using a blend of features from Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. 

The mouth / teeth texture was unchanged from Major Clod's, and the eye was a simple recolour.

Includes team colour team, "Anakin Solo" bot and utilises standard JO sounds.

Programs used           : Modview, Paint Shop Pro 6, Notepad

Thanks to               : A huge thank-you to Major Clod for giving me permission to reskin his model. JediSmurf from forums who suggested the Bot lines - see his Anakin Solo website here (, and the JC's Anakin751138 (Brandon Harris) who requested I make this skin for him.

* Installation *

Unzip the file "anakinsolo.pk3" into the GameData\Base\ directory of wherever you installed Jedi Outcast. Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.

If you use a scaling mod, such as jedimod, you may like to scale Anakin Solo to around 85% (0.85) of the normal player height. 


Feel free to distribute this skin in any format but you MUST include this file. If you wish to include it in a skinpack or a level, that's fine, but please drop me a note & let me know what the skinpack is and where it's being hosted.

Previous skins released by jp-30 include AT-AT Pilot. 


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