Ancient Temple

Holy crap this map supports a lot of game types! Instead of listing them all, I should just like put "Game Types: Every game type ever know...


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Holy crap this map supports a lot of game types! Instead of listing them all, I should just like put "Game Types: Every game type ever known to man". But I didn't. I listed 'em. It's nice to see some people are still releasing maps for JK2. :) I still love the game and definitely prefer it over JA. And this is specifically a CTF map! WOO! We'll definitely have to try this map out soon, like, on our server and stuff. The map itself is pretty dark and has that sith/lava/fire/darkness feel thing to it. I'll admit I got bored of that theme a long time ago, but I still kinda like this map. It's a simple layout so you shouldn't get lost. And it is an almost straight shot to the flag, but it's large enough that the defense peoples should be able to stop a carrier. My favorite visual in this map has to be there in the second screenshot ... see the blue symbol on the glass there? I love that for some reason.

Anyway, this map does have bot support and supports so many game types, I can't see how anyone could have anything to complain about. :P Except maybe the lighting. Anyway, good job for a first map!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, CTY, JM, HFFA


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Mapper		:Darth Renegade
Release date	:6th October,2004
Map name	:Ancient Temple
Actual name	:ctf_antemple
PK3 size		:559 KB
Bot support	:yes
New Textures	:no
New shaders	:no
Best Suited for	:10 to 12 players , CTF/CTY
File Description:
Well, what should i say about it? 
It has 3 main chambers: 2 team rooms and a main cavernous chamber.The team rooms has a passage at either side. The two  passages join at the front of each team room and lead to a ledge in the main chamber. The ledge has 2 air vents , which serve as jump pads. The landing is on the other team room's ledge. Also, the team rooms are connected directly thru a tunnel which leads to a aisle in the center of the  main chamber.
Okay, this my first map. there are bound 2 be mistakes in it. i wanted the bottom 2 be filled with lava but , unfortunately, don't know how 2 do so . If u do know how 2 make lava ( liquid form ) pls mail me at the given e-mail. Although i tried my level best to ensure a good fps, it has come down to 35-40fps during normal gameplay and 15-25fps when 12 players.(note: i have used BSP FULLVIS EXTRA 4 rendering)If anyone knows how 2 increase fps, pls mail me at

All queries/comments/suggestions can be mailed to

That's about it. Phew!!!!

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