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This tool makes those hard to do arena files lots easier. Have fun mappers.


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This tool makes those hard to do arena files lots easier. Have fun mappers.

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DestroyeR's JK2 .Arena Editor
Please Send me email about bugs you have found or suggestions to

Using the editor
This program was designed for creating the .arena files which are needed for
custom multiplayer maps in Jedi Knight 2.

Choosing Your .Arena Settings For A Map:

When you are entering the BSP File Name only type the name of the file not the 
extension (.bsp).

Ingame Map Name is what you want the map to be called in the map list in the game.

Frag limit is for setting a default frag limit for the map.

Game Types is where you select which game modes the map can be used in.

Bots is for selecting the bots you would like to be used in the map by if none are
choosen by the user. By default there is one checkbox which is checked No Bots as
quite a lot of maps have no bot support. If your map does have bot support then
select the bots you want but make sure you uncheck the No Bots Check Box.

Once you have choosen your settings just click the add map button, in the box on 
the left the arena settings will be complete. All you have to do then is just save
the .Arena file. If you are distributing more than one map in your pk3 then you dont
have to make separate .arena files they can all go in to one .arena file, just set
the next maps options and click add map and it will be added as well.

The Clear button only clears the options you have selected not the box with your
arena information in.

NOTE: Any text already in the text box can still be edited.

Version History
Version:	0.3
Date Released:	4/2/03

Added options to select all light side or all dark side bots
Added hints to game types and the last 4 of the dark side bots

Version: 	0.2 BETA
Date Released:	1/2/03

First release.

DestroyeR's JK2 .Arena Editor is not supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or

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