GooseBubble brings us a re-skin of the Matlue Aijor or you could say the Dash Rendar model. Goose added a shader onto the skin so it looks l...


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GooseBubble brings us a re-skin of the Matlue Aijor or you could say the Dash Rendar model. Goose added a shader onto the skin so it looks like he is rubbery, which looks kind of strange. There are no new sounds there was supposed to be Team colors from what I understand because when I put it in all I got was a head and then white and black. There is bot support at least so for all you people that don’t play with others or want to play alone then at least you can use the bots. The skin reminded me of R-Born for some strange reason. The plasticy thing is still really weird in my opinion. I am upset that it has no new sounds especially for a skin like this. He didn’t change much on the skin except for the face and the shader that was applied. On his face there are two really small blotches of green, but on the red and blue skins it’s just a plain face. The team colors are bad because I don't think he included the textures that were needed for the skin. The skin looks pretty decent. It was supposedly made for GooseBubble’s personal use, but then his friends said he should post it, good job GooseBubble’s friends :).

Overall this skin is yet again a meh skin its nothing special, all he truly did was add a shader and put colors around it. Now it’s not a bad skin it just could have been better by adding team colors that work and then adding new sounds. Personally I wouldn’t download this skin unless you really want to get a new Dash Rendar skin. GooseBubble maybe you can make another version just this time with new sounds and all that junk.


New Sounds: No (Reborn) Team Colors: No Bot Support: Yes

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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 

Reskinned Model
Creation Date :		16/18/2003
File Name:		argon.pk3  
Author:			GooseBubble
Email Address:		

Model Description:
This is just a reskin i did for myself to have at network gamimg based on the matlue_aijor model by OberstJedi until some of my friends said its worth posting on the net.

Software used: PhotoShop6.0 , WInzip and Notepad
Installation instrucions: 
Extract argon.pk3  to the \gamedata\base directory under your Jedi Oucast game directory. 
Delete the argon.pk3  from the Jedi Outcast\gamedata\base directory.

Thanks to: 

Raven, Id, Lucasarts and the creator of this model.



Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (c) 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.
Star Wars(c) 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or (r) as indicated. trademark of Lucasarts. 
The Quake III Arena(R) is the registered trademark of id Software, Inc. 

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