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Artus was one of my favourite levels in JK2, I’m not exactly sure why to be honest…it was just one of those places that caught my interest and then held onto it. I guess part of the reasons may be because of all the green lighting in the mines and the Artusian Crystals – green just happens to be one of my favourite colours. Whatever the reason, Artus still sticks in my mind as one of my favourite levels. In fact, even now I am tempted to make my own Artus map…but anyways, enough of that, lets dive into this map, (not into the green goo of course, that would be a bad idea now… :P)!

This map contains all the main areas you would expect of an Artus themed map. It has a rocky outside area surrounded by that green goo, a long tramline, which takes you all the way from one side of the map to the other along with a machinery room with pools of molten lava. It also has a control room, a detention area and of course, the mining tunnels let with that brilliant green light and scattered with crates full of Artusian Crystals. This are in particular was my favourite, as I have always liked the green lit, crystal filled mining tunnels from the Artus levels.

The tunnels wind their way around, going up and down as well, and lead to entrances / exits in quite a few different areas. There is also a large room in the mining tunnels which contains a nice big pool of that green goo, an excellent place for a duel I think, as the low ceiling means you cant jump around a lot, and that big pool of deadly green goo means you also have to watch your footing.

All the other areas are interconnected by corridors, although there is also a big rocky cavern which you can walk through, similar to single player level from JK2, with more pools of green goo filling cracks in the floor. The architecture is exactly like Artus architecture should be, with quite a few areas, including the corridors being almost identical to the JK2 single player map.

Another cool area is the detention level, which has multiple cells; each with switchable force fields guarding the doors, a feature which should be useful for clans or role-players alike. Working your way through the map you will eventually come to the medium sized outside area and even more pools of that green goo. This area has a medium sized landing pad type area in the middle, and is just perfect for use as a duel area.

Despite the excellent quality of this map, I do feel there are still some things I think need working on. For one I would have liked to have seen the mining tunnels expanded upon a little bit more, as well as having more detail added to them. I think making some small green crystals to jut out of the walls here and there, rather than just using the textured on crystals would have been cool. I think there also should have been a bit more detailing added around the map, like some more crates, or barrels or pipes and such just scattered around the floor, to make some of the rooms feel a little less empty.

Besides those minor flaws though, this is a solid and enjoyable map. So if you guys are fans of Artus, its green goo, or just the colour green, then give this map a download! :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master




Jedi Knight II Map

Author: Darthshoot
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.darthshoot.de (level design)
Forums: http://www.moddb.com/mods/just-doom
For other files by me: http://www.moddb.com/mods/just-doom / www.lucasfiles.com / www.jk3files.com
File: artus_base.pk3
FileSize: 10 mb
Date Released: 24/01/09

( It's my file... want to use it? Just ask me before.)



 First you need to unzip the file into an temp directory, then you
should copy the artus_base.pk3 file to the base directory in gamedata.
Or if your on a mac, the base folder can be found right inside your
Jedi Knight II folder.

 Play Information:

 Bot Support:   <Yes>
 Music: <Yes>
 New Textures : <Yes>
 New Shaders: <Yes>
 New Objects : <No>
 GameTypes: Duel, FFA, TFFA, Holocron, Jedi Master
 To access you can either find it from the map list or you can type
/devmap artus_base


 Brush Count : 7812
 Entity Count : 812
 Base info : Style = Artus Prime
 Software used : GTKRadiant1.4
 Build Time : a few weeks

Copy Right Info:


You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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