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This mod from N3G1@ was created, to qoute "I wanted to make this mod to make JK2 more realistic." Blood, an orange lightsaber, new animatio...


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This mod from N3G1@ was created, to qoute "I wanted to make this mod to make JK2 more realistic." Blood, an orange lightsaber, new animations for push, pull, and rolling, the way you hold your saber in blue and red stances, and different saber colors for each reborn. Kyle is reskinned, Chris Reed's blood mod, and Andrew McLaughlin's dark-lightning mod are all implimented.

It is an interesting idea for a mod. I definately prefer the reskin of kyle to normal kyle, but I'm not a fan of the blood mod, and most of the new animations (Forward and Backward rolls are akin to "amspin2" in vulcanus, pull and push look really messed up, and the way you hold your saber in blue stance looks REALLY stupid, held outward like you had just lost a saber lock). The side rolling cartwheels looked cool, and the dark-lightning looks good. I also like the way your character looks like he's "breathing", his chest and shoulders moving up and down slowly. Other then that though... I don't really see much reason to download this mod. It has a few perks, but mostly not. The changes aren't that big, but they're small in a bad way. However I can see why some people would want to download this mod. If you want a little twist on the game, maybe the old animations bore you, then feel free to download this. I, however, will not.

(This mod will also permanently replace your startup screen.)


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Download '' (5.7MB)

Jedi knight 2: Jedi Outcast Assembled mod

Title: Assembled jedi Kyle ver. 1.0
Authors: Roman "Vandori" Trevisanut (Kyle's skin - A little modified version),Chris Reed (the excellent blood mod), Andrew          McLaughlin (The nice dark-lightning mod)and me - N3G1@ (Modder and assembler)
e-mail: (The modder and assembler)

Anyway, really special thanks to PARADOX1 That taught me how to change the animations

How do I extract this mod??? Pretty easy! Just tell winzip to extract it in your game folder
i.e.: C:\games\Jedi knight 2\
but NOT C:\games\jedi knight 2\gamedata OR C:\games\jedi knight 2\gamedata\base

Intro: I wanted to make this mod to make JK2 more realistic. I've played to all the games of the series, but I want to talk        about Jedi knight-Mysteries of the sith. In this chapter Kyle had an orange saber. At the end of the game, after all        the events he decided that he will never use the force. In JK2, when he is going to retrieve his saber, its color        become blue. BUT WHY??? So here I decided to make (or, better, to assemblate) an unique mod more realistic than the        original game.
Description: This is an assembled mod with many features:
_ New menu and new menu sounds
_ New moves and stances (now the characters are "breathing")
_ New sounds
_ Blood!!! (thx to Chris Reed)
_ Dark lightning!!! (thx to Andrew McLaughlin)
_ New stilish skins!!! (thx to Vandori)
_ New force icons
_ An orange saber (in the cinematics only. Type in the console sabercolor orange, or bind  this command to make it   faster...).
_ Every reborn has a new saber color!
_ something else that i don't remember (?!?)

I'd like to put the ROTJ wokiee bowcaster mod but *** didn't put his e-mail so i couldn't answer him if I could assembly his mod too.

If you have some question for the others authors here is the list:
- Roman "Vandori" Trevisanut - He made the "alternate kyle" skin, a really good skin (must mean something if I choose this one, right??). His e-mail is:

- Chris Reed - He made the excellent blood mod, the last one. His e-mail is:

- Andrew McLaughlin - He made the Dark-lightning mod, really nice and in the meantime fancy.   Well, his e-mail is:

Known bugs: Well, this isn't a true bug... in the map cairn_bay, when luke jump up after the sith massacre he will look around until the animation will stop, so don't press ctrl+alt+canc and just wait 3-4 seconds.

I'll answer to all of your modding question, if you have. Feel free to use my features, but not the others (blood, dark lightning, skins. You have to request the permission of their authors to take and modify 'em, if you wanna put 'em in the web).

and remember...


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