Assorted reborn skins

Oh boy, I have quite a treat for you all today! I have not one reborn reskin, but four of them, each replacing one of the originals in the g...


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Oh boy, I have quite a treat for you all today! I have not one reborn reskin, but four of them, each replacing one of the originals in the game!

So, to kick off this paintbucketed goodness, let's start with the default skin. Take the clothes, paintbucket them completely black, add paintbucketed designs in white and/or gray, then add lines on the face, and that is what you would get. The acrobat skin is now completely desaturated, and lines pasted onto the face. The boss skin (same as the blue skin) has been paintbucketed green and had leaves slapped onto it all over the place. The fencer skin (same as the red skin) has had his torso and face replaced with an unrecognizable texture that reminds me of oranges mixed with a burlap sack, and various lines painted onto the body. Finally, the forceuser skin has had his arms replaces with pinkish blobs of matter, and, unsurprisingly, has had lines painted on his face.

Paintbucketing is bad. If I have to say 'paintbucketed' again I will go nuts. Please try some real skinning instead of that. If you don't have a good program, try Gimp. If you already have it (or a similar program), try looking up some skinning tutorials and get some practice.

So... Uhhh... If you like reborns such as the ones described, give this a download.


Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Default Reborn NPC Support: Default Reborn New Sounds: Default Reborn

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Download '' (2.12MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast 
TITLE: Assorted reborn skins
AUTHOR: Werewolf430

FILENAME: reborn.pk3 
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2005 

CREDITS: Just to Raven and Lucasarts for ther model. And all you guys who supported my werewolf mod. and that was a first. so thanx guys.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Click download, hit 'open' then extract all files into your jk2 jedi outcast: gamedata: base folder

DESCRIPTION: Well, it's a bucnh of cool-looking reborn skins. for example, a desaturated-looking gray one. Then one that if you pc spawn in yavin, its super-hard to kill cuz he is covered in leaves and is greened out.
Then the fencing one with no force has no shirt but his skin is heavily burned and scarred. looks like he went on a bbq griller for a few seconds. Then the default just has shorty sleeves and skin like the fencer i just described, but i just included the images in the pk3...he doesnt actually appear. he is like the worst, so i decided to just give it to you guys as a bonus. 
The the forceuser is all black, whited, and gray. looks really cool. but hard to see in dark corners.

BUGS: None. 

COMMENTS: Who's absolutely annoyed with the plain ol' blue and red reborn skins? well, the forest reborn is now the blue, and the fencer, no-shirt, bbq-rosted one is the red. cuz i was just so sick of the standard red and blue. you'll love them. But this will replace the SP reborn, so watch out. you can just edit the model files and the folder name. but this is good enough that i want to keep it as the sp ones and the multiplayer.


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