ATS Zealots



logo plastered on them... However, when you are releasing such a skin to the general gamer public, you always have to consider that a lot of people aren't going to want to use a skin that has clan logo's plastered all over it, unless they are part of that clan of course!I am always happy to see clan themed stuff, since clans have always been and always will be a very special and integral part of JK2 and JKA. The skin pack we have here is a set of clan skins for the ATS clan, however they are excellent quality and very tastefully done, with only a few of them having writing on them. Because of this, most of these skins will be suitable for anyone to use, especially if you have been looking for a good looking, well made Reborn reskin!My personal favourites are 'The Referee' who looks like some kind of ninja or martial artist in that black and white clothing, and Ajunta Pall who very much looks like a Dark Jedi belonging to some kind of cult. All of the skins are well made and all are based on the same basic skin, but with different colour schemes and occasionally some different patterns or names written on them (presumably for the different clan members). Like I said though, not all of them have writing on, so some will be suitable for anyone.On the down side though, I was a bit disappointed that the team skins all appeared to be just the default red and blue Reborn team skins. Also worth looking into are the character pictures, which all appear to be of the same skin, so its difficult to tell exactly which skin you are selecting from the menu, unless you look at the name of the skin just underneath. Nothing major there, but something work fixing if possible.Overall a nice clan themed skin pack here, 'The Referee' definitely being my absolute favourite out of all of them. Simple but effective! If you are a member of the ATS clan, know them or just fancy trying out a few new good Reborn skins, be sure to give this a download! :)For All Skins:New Sounds: NoBot Support: NoTeam Support: Yes (Default Reborn team skins)~Nozyspy~


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