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Now here is an example of a very complete clan skin pack. The author, neok!, has included five skins, all with bot support, a taunt of their...


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Now here is an example of a very complete clan skin pack. The author, neok!, has included five skins, all with bot support, a taunt of their own, team support and some new sounds for a few of the skins. As is usually the case with clan skins, the Reborn is the popular choice. For the Azrael Lords, a Reborn was used for both skins. Battousai has red eyes and a goatee, while neok! opts for the glowing blue eyes and no facial hair. Other than that, both skins are pretty much the same, with Azrael written down the back. The members of Azrael get an even more basic Reborn, with a little facial hair, no cool glowy eyes and aZ stamped on the front of their skin - almost branding them, claiming them, making everyone aware that they belong to the Azrael clan. The sithlord of Azrael refuses to conform to the Reborn standard and instead has a reskin of the Imperial Officer. The exposed robotic arm on this skin is very Dark side, indeed. And then there's the Tead skin. I have no idea what a "tead" is. In this case, it's a reskin of the Chiss model.

The best thing about this skin pack (other than it including everything it should include) is that it has consistancy. There is one thing that draws them all together. "Azrael" written on the back of every skin lets you know that they belong together. That Azrael is a clan. But each skin does have a little something that makes it unique. Though, in my opinion, not enough individuality is in each skin. Most of the taunts I can't understand at all, but at least they sound cool! Every skin includes team support, but for each skin, it's simply a recolor of some part of the body to indicate red or blue. It's hard to give the author a hard time for not putting more time into the team skins or into giving more personality for each skin since he did do 5 different skins here. And none of these skins are bad skins. They just seem a little bland is all. But if the clan is happy with them, that's all that matters. And really the only reason to download this skin pack is if you're either in the clan, or you play with the Azrael clan and are tired of seeing Kyle. In any case, I applaud your efforts, neok! ... good job.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download '' (5.95MB)


23.06.03 :: 23.23 h
Skin's Name             : [AZRAEL | SkinPack]
Author                  : neok!
Email Address           :
Website URL             :
File Size		: 6,04MB
Skin's description      : This is my first Skinpack, based on my Clan [AZRAEL]. 
			  It includes the 4 memberskins (battousai, neok!,
			  Tead, Sithlord) and a Clanskin! Every skin has botsupport and teamsupport.
			  All with there own binds and taunts!

File Name               : [AZRAEL].pk3
Version                 : 1.0
Custom Sounds           : Yes
CTF red/blue            : Yes
Bot Support             : Yes
Other info              : There is an AFK skin u can enable with this command: model neok/afk

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, raven soft for the grate game! And especialy to the 1.03 PATCH ....HAIL TO THE BS
Thanks to               : Battousai 4 the grate sounds, which are included.... thy mostly all created by himselve! ;D

* Construction *
Base                    : Reborn model, Chiss model, imperial model.
Editor used             : ModView, Photoshop 7.0
Known Bugs              : none.. email me if u discover some!
Build/Animation time    : hmmm..... 5 day's i think... with all its long hours! ;D

* How to use this skin *

Just unzip the [AZRAEL].pk3 in ur base directory! .....C:/Games/JK2/GameData/base

* Copyright / Permissions *



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