Barack Obama



why you did NOT want to release this.Take Galak Fyyar, photosource a tuxedo torso and pants. Splatter MS paint on the arm textures, and top it off with a photosourced face, and you've got yourself a hideous cross between James Bond and Leatherface. .-.;Worse yet, there was an attempt at adding wookiee noises to fill in for Obama's soundset. Thankfully the sounds.cfg was not included, so the sounds just take up space. The teamskins are no better than the default, a bright red and blue hue just overtaking the entire skin. WOohoohoo, lawdy!In short, CH, be glad you posted on a site that resides in a free country. Otherwise, you'd probably be courtmartialed and imprisoned for such a foul creation. Insert quarter and try again. BIG TIME. Bot Support: NayNPC Support: NayNew Sounds: BrokenTeam Support: Aye - Averus Retruthan


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