Bespin: AFL Style III

Lord Yoset brings us the official AFL map entitled Bespin: AFL Style III. This map has a lot of Bespin textures which is where the map got i...


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File Description

Lord Yoset brings us the official AFL map entitled Bespin: AFL Style III. This map has a lot of Bespin textures which is where the map got its name. There a few landing pads where you can duel, or you can check out the Millennium Falcon. Numerous weapon pickups well placed through out this map. This map has a good feel to it and is worth the download.

Keep an eye out for the two hidden power ups with in this map. This map is a good map not a whole lot of clan logos placed about ruining the gaming experience. I like maps like this plenty of ammo and plenty of room to hunt your prey. My only complaint about this map is the lighting on the landing/duel pads looks kind of funny with the yellow floor texture. Overall an excellent map keep up the good work.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA/Duel/TFFA/CTF/JM


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Map Name                : Bespin: AFL Style III
Author                  : Lord Yoset
Email Address           :
Website URL             : clan just started this site, and the name will change once we get our domain.
Map description         : Simply put, it's Bespin the way the AFL clan likes it. Plenty of dueling areas and plenty of guns for you all you gun-
                          toting scoundrels seeking an ammo ridden ffa. 
Other info              : Comes With full bot support and guns. It has 2 hidden power-ups. Supports FFA, Duel, Team FFA, JediMaster, CTF Modes.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas and the team at Ravensoft for making a truly wonderful game.

Thanks to               : Clanmaster Reign and ClanMaster Dead for encouraging me on perfecting this map
                          and convincing me to distribute it (LOL). AND all AFL members who helped me test it.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO
New Textures 		: YES
* Construction *
Brush Count             : 1515 Brushes
Vert Count              : Unknown
Entity Count            : 443 Entities
Base info               : This map was made totally from scratch.
Software used           : JKRadiant
Known Bugs              :  None to Date.
Build Time              : 15 hours collectively

* How to use this map *

	Just toss the .pk3 file in your base folder and you're good to go.

* Copyright / Permissions *


<Other Legal info about the use of your map> 

 This map is free to be distributed among anyone who wants it. Please do not exploit this map,
or it's content for personal profits. Enjoy the map, JK2 gamers!
 Lord Yoset didn't make the model of the Millenium Falcon, kudos and credit to the real author.

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