Bespin District



I tested, but I forgot what it was. Either way, good stuff.This map, Bespin District, is actually fairly familiar. That's no coincidence, really. The majority of the map is pretty much a fanciful remix of FFA Bespin to a degree. Granted, the background architecture is way more beauteous, and there are elements added in that were never in the original Bespin(Lifts, anyone?) but most of the classical architectural choices, such as the large landing pad with the rocket launcher on it, the crossing aerial catwalks, and the large courtyard-ish area are present in this map. It has the combination of being both a new map, but not losing the touch of a classic default map.The only real caveat with this map is that there's no bot support, but it supports the three gametypes that FFA Bespin supported, so its not all bad. Another interesting feature available is the ability to choose from three lighting settings. Aye, DarthShoot has created a day, night, and a cloudy version that can be used at your discretion, without having to worry about which version the server possesses. I'd say that's a fair deal, nay?New Textures: AyeNew Music: NaySecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan


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