Hooo boy, sometimes as Staff at, we are required to take one for the team. Well guys, you owe me big-time for doing you this pu...


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Hooo boy, sometimes as Staff at, we are required to take one for the team. Well guys, you owe me big-time for doing you this public service.

Zott subjects us to this Prisoner reskin. Basically the shoulders and head have been changed, but nothing below that except a couple hand-drawn hoses on the back. What has been changed does not blend in well at all with the rest of the skin.As you can see, the shoulders are yellow and the body is orange and gray. There are seams everywhere. Zott has attempted to make the Prisoner look bald by painting the hair in a flesh color, and has drawn a couple machine-looking devices on the face. Instead it looks like it has a black eye.

You don't need me to tell you that it needs more work...a lot. If I can find one redeeming quality, it's that the choices of sounds are pretty darn cool. They do indeed sound like the Borg.

But if you're gonna do a skin that people take seriously as the Borg, you're gonna need wires and servos and lights and hoses all over the place, not one eye covering and a hose or two, and not hand-sketched like that. I hate to say it, but Zott, please get a bit more practice before sending us more work.

Under no circumstance download this skin. It's beyond bad. You have been warned.

Bot Support: Team Colors: New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast 

Author: Zott
File Name:Borg.pk3
File size:about 2 megs

File name : Borg.pk3

Extract  the borg.pk3 to your base folder in the game's directory 
EX: gamedir/GameData/base
File type : Skin
New sounds: yes
CTF skins: yes
Comments:This is my first skin file. I admit it isn't the best, but I'm not the greatest drawer 
and I can‘t make models.  It took me about 1 week to draw and another week to find the sounds 
and convert them. It is supposed to be a partly assimilated Borg drone off of Star Trek. I made 
this because I felt that with all the Star Trek skins around, that they needed a villain to make 
it better. Although it doesn’t look anything like a Borg drone, it is unique.

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